How to Treat a Jammed Fingers Using Natural Remedies

Jammed fingers medically known as finger sprain is a condition which is mostly seen in sportsman caused during sports injury like while playing football, basketball, volleyball etc. In Finger jam mostly tendon are damaged and your finger is unable to straighten up. Its recovery is easy and it is possible by some common tips and home remedies.  If the injury is severe than you need to take medical treatment to prevent any serious damage.  Sometimes you finger bone may break which can only be diagnosed by X-ray and broken bone causes severe pain so it should not be ignored. To cure finger jam on your own you must know to treat jammed finger. Here are some ways of how to treat jammed finger. Follow these to get relief from finger jam.

Treat a Jammed Fingers

Ways of How to Treat a Jammed Finger

Following are the best ways of how to treat a jammed finger at home by using home remedies and without causing any further damage.

1) Use of Ice

One tip regarding how to treat sprained finger is the cold therapy. Applying ice on the jammed finger for at least 20 minutes can recover this condition. Take ice cubes or crushed ice, pack it in plastic and cover plastic bad with towel. Now apply it to your finger for relief of pain and swelling.

2) Hand Elevation

Another method of treating jammed finger is the elevation of your hand with jammed finger above heart level which is effective in reducing pain and swelling. You can use this method with the help of pillows. These are the non medical ways of treating sprained or jammed fingers.

3) Finger Immobilization

Use medical tape and bind your jammed finger with the adjacent finger to immobilize it because it needs rest to be cured completely. Make sure binding should not be too strong because it would increase inflammation.

4) OTC Medication

In case of severe pain you can use over the counter painkillers or NSAIDS (Non-steroidal anti inflammatory drugs) which can reduce the swelling and pain will also be decreased. These include Ibuprofen, ketoprofen, naproxen and aspirin etc. This is how to treat swollen finger or sprained finger with medication.

These are the ways of how to treat a jammed finger and it depends on you which remedy you select and how do you treat a sprained finger. In case of severe problem you should visit doctor for getting proper treatment.

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