Effective Home Remedies for Leg Pain Relief

Leg pain is the problem of people from all age groups and it can be mild or severe which can be unbearable. Some people have pain in one leg or may be in both legs. Mostly the cause of leg pain is leg muscle cramps which are sometimes very painful and you become even unable to walk. You do not need to go to doctor instead try some home remedies for leg pain if you cannot treat pain by trying are remedies and it is only going worse than must consult doctor. Sometimes sitting for hours in same position can lead to leg pain or maybe you sleep in wrong position and your muscles become stretched so in this case you need to follow remedy for leg pain at night.

Leg Pain

Effective Home Remedies for Leg pain

Leg pain can be treated by home remedies for leg pain there are many home remedies for aches and pains. Few of those remedies are following.

Oil Massage

Collect the following ingredients

  • Wintergreen oil
  • Vegetable oil

Mix both these ingredients and apply it to your legs. Mostly it is helpful in relieving muscle cramps because it has methyl Salicylate in it which provides soothing effect and normalizes the blood flow in your legs.  It can be used 2 to 3 times a day whenever you feel pain.

Drink Water

One of the main causes of leg pain is dehydration which causes muscles cramps and ultimately leg pain. So drinking sufficient amount of water can prevent leg pain and it is best leg pain treatment home.

Whenever you do exercise you feel a lot of leg pain afterwards so best way to prevent leg pain and leg muscle cramps is to drink 2 glass of water at least 3 hour before going for exercise because while you do exercise, you do sweat which leads to loss of water and electrolytes from your body leading to body pain.

Use of Heat/Cold

Sometimes using heat compressor methods are very helpful in treating the leg pain caused due to multiple reasons. In some cases use of heat pads or taking warm bath are helpful in relieving the stress and pain in legs or you can use ice packs as well as you can take cold shower to get the leg pain treatment.

These are the best home remedies for sore legs which can help you get rid of severe leg pain and make you able to walk normally.

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