How to Treat Knee Pain

Knee pain is observed commonly in elderly people but it can arise at any age. It is basically pain arising in the knee joint (which comprise of femur, tibia and fibula), knee cap or in cartilage or ligament.  Knee pain can originate in any specific part or whole knee can also be affected. It can be excruciating, mild or minor pain. Knee pain’s possible symptoms are following.

How to Treat Knee Pain


  • Trouble while walking
  • Instability of knee joint causes limping
  • Knee lock makes you unable to bend knee

Knee pain should not be ignored if you are having knee pain constantly because it can be symptom of arthritis and you must know how to treat knee pain because it is very common problem. Some helpful tips are shared here to give people guide about treatments of knee pain.

How to treat Knee pain

You must try the given below tips to treat knee pain. These are the best ways to treat knee pain at home without need of any doctor.

  • Lose Extra Pounds

If you are over weighed or obese than the normal, you must cut back extra pounds and maintain healthy weight which normal body requires because when you got extra pounds, stress on your knees is enhanced and cartilage of the knee is damaged which leads to knee pain. The best way to treat knee pain for obese people is to reduce weight. It will surely help them with the knee pain.

  • Exercise Regularly

Exercise is the best thing to strengthen your knee muscles capability and these become able to endure minor increase in physical activity. Major knee pain is of arthritis but the people who are inveterate of exercising daily and at lower risks of getting arthritis. So make habit of doing exercise daily to keep yourself safe from suffering knee pain

  • Respite From Work

 Sometimes you suffer knee pain because of some physical activity you are involved in. By giving rest to your knee joint you can get rid of knee pain because all your knee needs is respite from hectic activity. It will relieve your knee’s soreness and pain as well.

  • Physical therapy

When you cannot treat knee pain by rest or exercise you can go for physical therapy. It just involves special mechanical movements which give strength to knee and make it endure hours of work. This can also prevent knee pain by protecting knee form injuries.

  • Medications for knee pain

Common medications which are being used for knee pain are easily available. These OTC (over the counter) medicines can help you prevent knee pain but their repeated and regular use can lead to side effects. So you must consult doctor if your knee pain is constantly increasing and cannot be relieved by OTC pain killer. Common medications include

  • NSAIDS like Naproxen, Ibuprofen
  • Aspirin
  • Acetaminophen

These are generic name of commonly used non-prescription drugs which can be used to treat knee pain.

If you have severe knee pain you must visit doctor who can guide you better about how to treat knee pain. Also if any knee surgery or other treatments are needed he can suggest you.

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