How to Reduce Redness From Acne Using Home Remedies

Acne is the common problem among all and it leaves scars and redness on the skin. It also causes irritation over the skin. Basically redness from acne is the inflammatory response of pimple and it is normal process your skin becomes normal when this inflammatory process is completed. Inflammation is the healing response for tissue regeneration if our body parts get damaged. All you need to do is to deal with this inflammatory step to make your skin look normal.

Reduce Redness From Acne

All those people especially girls having acne problem and ultimately redness from acne should read how to get rid of redness from acne. There are some easy and home remedies to get rid of redness from your skin left by the pimples. How to get rid of redness from acne will tell you the ways to hide and complete remove this redness from your skin.

Reduce Redness From Acne Using Home Remedies

Use of Ice over Pimple will help you to relieve inflammation. As ice will lower the temperature leading to slow blood circulation and swelling will also be reduced leading to reduced redness from acne. Take a clean and thin piece of cloth and wrap some ice cubes in it. Apply this ice wrapped in cloth to your pimple but do not apply any pressure because if you will press it or apply any pressure it will break the pimples and ultimately more redness will occur. Furthermore bacteria will spread causing more acne on other parts of skin.

Eye Drop Solution

Use of eye drops is also an effective way to get rid of redness from acne. Eye drops ingredients contain tetrahydrozoline HCl which helps to remove redness. Take cotton bud and put eye drop solution is small amount on its Q-tip. Now apply this solution with the help of cotton bud to the pimples. Use can also use Freeze eye solution as well it will be more effect. Apply eye drop solution on Q-tip of cotton bud and freeze it over night and then apply to pimples. Avoid applying this solution to whole face because it can cause redness or irritation if applied to normal skin.


Aspirin is another effective remedy for redness. In aspirin, salicylic acid is present and it has anti-inflammatory action which it accomplishes by inhibiting inflammation producing enzymes. Salicylic acid is also important ingredient used in various skin ointments and scrubs which are used for treating acne. Take Aspirin, crush it and make paste with small quantity of water and apply it to the pimple with the help of cotton bud. When it is dried rinse it off with water.


Toothpaste is best to treat acne or redness due to pimple because it has silica in it which causes drying of pimples. Take tooth paste and dab small amount of it on the pimple at night time. But make sure pimple is completely covered with toothpaste. Leave it for whole night to let it dry and rinse off in morning. You will observe prominent reduction in pimple size and redness will also be reduced. Be careful while selecting tooth paste because toothpastes that contain fluoride or menthol in them will enhance the redness and acne will become more prominent.

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