How to Treat Yellow Jacket Stings

You must have seen stinging insects around you which include wasps, bees, yellow jackets etc. These insects when come in contact with the skin they inject stings inside the body which leads to swelling and itching at that site. Yellow jackets are the insects which are very small and have hairs on the body and some black stripes on body. When these inject stings it leads to some reactions which can be indicated via swelling, redness and itching.  There are some home remedies for yellow jacket stings which you can immediately use as treatment for yellow jacket stings.

Home Remedies for Yellow Jacket Stings

Home Remedies for Yellow Jacket Stings

Yellow jacket stings can be treated via some home remedies which are very easy and do not require any special ingredients. Must read following tips for knowing that how to remove bee stinger.

Use of Baking Soda

Baking soda is an effective method for the reducing the itching and swelling at the site of sting. You can use it by making a paste with water and then apply this paste to the site of sting.

Use of Ammonia

Using ammonia for yellow jackets stings is one of the best treatments for yellow jacket stings. For relief you can dab ammonia at the site of yellow jacket stings. It will reduce itchiness and swelling also

Use of Ice

Treatment for yellow jacket stings also involves the use of ice. You can apply ice at the site of sting as treatment for yellow jacket sting swelling. Repeat this method many times to treat the yellow jackets stings.

Use of Painkiller

If you are having pain and you do not know how to deal with bee stings than you can also take ibuprofen. It will help you to reduce swelling and treatment of pain as well.

If you do not understand home remedies for yellow jacket stings than view yellow jacket sting pictures for getting better understanding. If you ever suffer from such problem follow it or consult physician if the problem is severe and cannot be treated by home remedies.

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