Home Remedies for Edema

Edema is the condition in which the fluid gets accumulated in the tissues of the body which results in swelling . Sometimes this condition is painful. There are many causes for edema and sometimes it may be caused due to any other underlying diseases condition. This may undergo unnoticed e.g. swelling fee causes are mostly edema or leg pain swelling also show edema which can be diagnosed if you are aware of edema symptoms.

Home Remedies for Edema

Edema symptoms include following. If you are having such symptoms you are having edema.

  • Swelling of area
  • Shiny or stretched skin tissues or muscles
  • Puffiness
  • Dimpling of the skin when pressed for few seconds

Best Home Remedies for Edema:

There are certain home remedies for edema which can be use to get rid of this condition or at least lessen the effects of painful edema.

  • Movement Helps

Movement helps in decreasing the effects of edema. If you are having edema in certain part of your body then do not just lie down and stay in resting position keep moving so that the excess fluid which has got accumulated to that certain area will move backwards to the heart resulting in reduced edema and your muscles will also get relaxed by this.

  • Do Massage

Edema results from accumulation of fluid to one part or area so to deal with it best way is lessen the amount of accumulated fluid. Massage helps us do so. Stroke the part effect with area so that accumulated fluid start moving towards the heart again but do not apply so much pressure that will hurt.

  • Keep Area Protected

Edema makes the skin or that organ more prone towards disease of infectious attacks so it need protection to prevent further damage. Keep the edema area clean so you won’t get any injury.

  • Keep Area Elevated

Another effective remedy to deal with edema is to keep the affected area above your heart level especially when you are sleep keeping that part above heart level whole night would be helpful in decreasing edema effects.

  • Taking Salt Bath

Salt bath is considered very effective in painful edema but make sure cut back on salt in your food because it causes fluid retention when it is ingested whereas taking salt bath is good to get rid of edema. In this scenario, Epsom salt bath is most effective.

  • Take Epsom salt almost 2 cups and add it to warm water bath.
  • Soak the affected are in that water for at least 15 minutes
  • USE this method thrice a week to get results quickly.

This is very helpful remedy for treating the edema and edema pain relief.

These are the best home remedies for Edema. If you are having edema problem follow these tips to get rid of or treat this condition.

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