Essay on “A Morning Walk”

A morning walk is the most refreshing of pastimes a man could have. It does not need any training. It is the easiest of all exercises. It can keep a person fit and fresh throughout the day. It is suitable for all, whether boys and girls, the young or the old, the rich or the poor, it improves the health and refreshes the mind. That is why doctors always recommended Morning Walk to their patient.

In order to have a morning walk one has to wake up early in the morning. The cool air of the morning gives a pleasant feeling of enjoyment to one who is out to have a morning walk at half past five. I usually go to river which is about a kilometer and a half from my house.

I pass through the Municipal Gardens. At this early hour of the day all nature is quite. Dew drops on the leaves of the trees and plants look like pearls. The trees look fresh and beautiful birds fly above the trees. Their songs amuse me. Flowers blooms in the gardens and the air is laden with their sweet fragrance. Beautiful flowers of the garden dance with joy when a breeze blows. It is a delight moment to watch and feel fresh. The fresh and cool air in the garden is very pleasant. It invigorates me. It cheers my mind refreshes my brain. In the garden, some people take rounds, other walks barefooted on the green grass. The green grass is covered with dew drops.

On the way I see green crops. The green crops are waving in the fields give freshness and charm to my eyes. It also purifies the blood and improves digestion. I also see the farmers are working at the wells. Persian wheels of the wells produce melodious sound. I come across a number of Bullock carts crawling slowly along the road. I also see many old men walking or doing light exercises.

After half an hour’s pleasing walk, I reach the river. First of all, I say my prayers. Then I sit on the bank and take rest. The river flows quietly. I see many man on the bank. Some of them are taking exercise and some are bathing in the river. Then I take a walk by up and down the bank. I spend at least an hour on the bank so that when the sun rises in the east. I can enjoy the beauty of rising sun. Every object looks bright and charming in n the golden light of the rising Sun. The first rays of the sun are very good for health. At about half past seven I return home.

One must form a regular habit of a morning walk. It is good for health only if it’s undertaken regularly without any break. It makes a person healthy, active and smart. It is beneficial for those who enjoy it. It gives one a new energy to do one’s work. It also purges one’s mind of all sorrows, bitterness and unhappiness. Even a depressed man feels cheerful and optimistic.

During a morning walk, we see beautiful scene come across give us very interesting effect. People of all ages, all complexions, and all kind of professional are seen together at one single platform-the walking track. Moreover, the number of people out of their homes wake up so early in the morning gives the satisfaction to onlookers where they realize that, it means people are really getting health conscious.

All people young and old, a request to you all – make morning walk a part of your daily schedule because that is good and healthy activity.

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