How to fight against frustration?

Frustration is an emotional disappointment. It is an emotional response to stress. It can cause serious negative effects on the individual. Like,
1- Loss of confidence
2- Aggressive behavior
3- Irritability
4- Depression

Frustration can be easily controlled by recognizing its feelings. First of all, you must know which type of frustration you are dealing with.

Internal Frustration
Internal frustration is actually self criticism. Lack of confidence, lack of social skills are the main causes of internal frustration. Internal frustration is the sign that you are unhappy with yourself or your actions.

• External Frustration
External frustration is caused by outside you. Like wasting of time in traffic and waiting for someone etc. Frustration happens when you are lacking patience, feeling insecure or uneasiness. It is the blockage between you and your goals.

How to Fight against frustration?

Every individual face frustration in his life. But condition can be vary. Long term frustration can cause nightmare which leads to depression. But here are easy ways to deal with frustration.

Drinking water
Intake of excess water can be a good way to reduce frustration. Studies have shown that water has natural ability to calm the individual. Drinking of water cause feeling of relaxation in the body. Staying hydrated cause our stress level down.

Writing your feelings or negative thoughts makes you strong. It helps you to reduce stress and frustration.
Journaling strengthen our immune system. It helps us to sleep better. Journaling gives us experience to fight against frustration and Negative feelings or thoughts.

• Shouting
Shouting is the best way to get rid of frustration. Professional fighters, martial artists and boxers get help
from shouting to reduce fear and stress. Shouting makes our body strong to fight against negative

How to fight against frustration?

Exercise also helps us to reduce frustration and stress. Brisk walk or running are common exercises for frustration
Workout is also a great way to reduce frustration but individual should avoid same steps(it can cause frustration)

• Fragrance
Use of fragrance in very effective for depression. If you want to get rid of frustration, fill your bath tub with water and pour some drops of your favorite perfume in it(it is a magical trick).

• Gratitude
Gratitude is the easiest and very effective way to reduce frustration. Make a mental list of all your blessings and memorize all. Then recite it daily when you feel stressed or frustrated.

Seek refuge in Allah
Recite Tawooz تعوذ. When you feel stressed, depressed or frustrated, always seek refuge in Allah. It is the simplest and best way to get rid of frustration. The Prophet(S.A.W) said, “If a man gets angry and says, I seek refuge
in Allah, (and) his anger will go away”.

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