How can We Reduce Air and Water Pollution

Anything which is harmful to human, animals and plants life is called Pollution, which have contributed in the enhancement of Pollution all over the world. The general environment like climate, geography, geology and water resources pertaining to human habitats are the factors of Pollution, which are largely influence the health of the human beings, animals and even the plants.

Various forms of Chemical pollution of Water, air effects the living and working conditions and pose serious health problems. Major factors are mills and factories, which are the main reason of increasing Pollution rate. Poisonous substances are also released in liquid form and as such sea water is polluted which is harmful condition to the marine life. Gases including oxides of carbon and Sulphur are also harmful to human health when their percentage concentration is increased in the atmosphere.

Air in the countryside is fresh and clean. Fresh air contains oxygen which is needed by all living things. The air is in towns and cities contains many substances that can harm living things. Burning coal and oil products harmful gases such as Sulphur dioxide. Other gases and chemicals come from factory chimneys. When petrol and diesel oil burn in car engine, are released chemicals such a lead, which come out from the exhaust pipes. These chemicals can cause cancer and other diseases.

In cities, the air mostly polluted with smoke; garbage and running gutters, noise and horns are other means of pollution. The greatest danger of mankind is atomic waste. Decaying matter produces breeds germs of various diseases. Life on earth has become totally dangerous and unfit due to pollution. It has come most essential to lake messier to reduce the pollution rate otherwise a healthy atmosphere cannot prevail. It can only be wiped out if strict measures are taken by the public sector and government levels under any circumstances, the environmental should not be allowed to crop up.

Acid Rain

Poisonous gases and chemicals in the air mix with rain water to produce acid rain. Acid rain kills trees and harms fish and water plants. It also attacks the stonework of buildings.

How can we Reduce Pollution?

As the number of people living in towns and cities is increasing, the number of factories, cars, and Lorries are also increasing. All these things are leading to an increase in air pollution which causes many illnesses.

We should try to reduce Pollution. Exhaust fumes from cars and Lorries should be filtered. Chimneys should be filtered. Chimneys should be tall so that they carry smoke, dust and waste gases high-up into the air.

“Means and measures should seriously be adopted in this connection to decrease the pollution rate”.

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