Why Social Media is Bad for Society?

As technology has been improving, there are so many amazing and great advancement mediums that are being introduced out inside the technology world. But as we all know that when a technology-based medium is launched, it is accompanied by both good and bad sides. The same is the case with social media as well. Social media is a vast medium that is based on different tools such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and so many more. This circle of social media is leaving an adverse impact on society in a wide range of aspects. Do you want to know?

Spreading Fake News & Misinformation

No doubt that social media is a fake world, and when you are part of this fake world, it is quite a lot every day that you will be acquiring some fake and misinformation facts as well. Some of the people might be getting real news, but you might be getting fake news stories in your account as well.

As you make yourself connected with the social media, then definitely you are heading yourself to a comprehensive series of connection as well. By connecting yourself with this wide circle, you will be connected with some fake and misused information facts on which you might believe. These beliefs can bring a significant impact on your lifestyle and daily routine as well. For example, a couple of years back, a piece of misleading news was spread all over the world that in 2012, the world will be coming to an end, but nothing of such kind happened. There were some users on social media who did believe in this fact.

Reducing Productivity

Social media somehow can bring some negative impacts on the course of productivity, as well. But this is possible only if you are letting others do it. People will involve themselves in using social media only because they have nothing to do with anything else. But there is nothing to feel surprised about it. It is quite common, and you cannot blame social media about it. When social media was not introduced, there were still many more ways that let people waste their time. This has been one of the biggest drawbacks of the internet which can even bring an effect on the mindset of a student as well. It can make them mentally weak.

It Can be Addictive

According to the latest reports, a lot of people on social media have much addicted to it because they are continually using this platform all the time. It has been conducted in a report that most of the people are getting high dopamine when someone else likes their post as being the addiction because of the high hitting of the cocaine. As similar to any alcoholic person who is not able to start their day without taking a sip of alcohol, in the same way, a social user addictive user is not able to start their day until and unless they do not check the latest updates on their mobile phones. There are so many people who are fond of checking their phone instantly when they wake up from their bed. This is a big mistake which the today generation boys and girls are making upon with their health. It can bring a huge effect on the eyesight as well.

Above all, there have been so many more reasons due to which social media is leaving behind an adverse impact on society at a high level. It also provides some positive outcomes as well, where it plays a vital role in increasing the knowledge ground of any person. You should not be making yourself an addict of the social media otherwise it can bring some harmful effects on your personality on mental, physical and overall health terminologies.

Are you a social media addict?

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