Essay on Fashions, today’s Fashion trend, need of the day

It is an age of fashions. Young people all over the world are becoming more and more fashion conscious. The charm of fashions is very strong in our cities. New generation runs after new fashions. Young students, whether boys or girls, are crazy about it. Everybody wants to be smart by wearing beautiful and expensive dresses of the latest fashions.

The garments and cosmetics industry have played a leading role in the spread of new fashions. Fashions terminologies parade and shows are held in five stars hotels to exhibit the latest designs of dresses. These advertisements have caught the attention of all kinds of people. They have also affected even the middle of and the lower class of our people. Now all are the victims of Fashions.

Women follows fashion blindly but it is no longer monopoly of women. Even men have great fancy for it. They spend a lot of money and devote considerable time on their makeup.  They want to look impressive in the eyes of others. But they often seem to suffer from a mistaken notion that fashion means wearing expensive clothes and jewelry. So we may not be blind to see what looks beautiful and what looks odd. It is true that sometimes these things have negative effect on one’s personality. Some people look smarter in beauty need no ornaments.

Fashion spread rapidly in cities than villages. What was fashionable in the days of our fathers is no longer fashionable today. New fashions are becoming very popular in no time. They have permeated in all spheres of our life. Fashions wears, powders, perfumes, fabrics, footwear’s, furniture and video films have become the trend of the day. In this way a lot of money wasted on fashions.

Students have also indulged in fashions. They neglect their studies. They hardly realize that by neglecting their studies, they are running their own career and spoiling their future. If they want to be successful in life, their motto should be simple living and high thinking.

No doubt, simplicity is the fashion. So, being Muslims we should be on our guard. Islam teaches us lead a simple and clean life. We should follow the teaching of Islam. In this way, we can get rid of these fashion and other social evils. All social evils are due to craze of following the latest fashions. After being free from fashions, we can lead a happy and contented life. So, it is our first and foremost duty to prove ourselves to be what a true Muslim should be.

“The earlier the world is free from the tyranny of fashions, the better it is.”

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