Cigarette Effect on Lungs

Cigarette smoking is very injurious to health and it is strictly forbidden because it leads to lung cancer. Cigarette smoke is loaded with the harmful chemicals that damage your lungs and causes extra mucus production in your lungs. Cigarette effect on lungs is so damaging that it totally destroys them. When you inhale cigarette smoke it passes through airway, where small hairy structure called cilia are present for the purpose of protection, it destroys cilia as well and hence cilia are unable to perform their action of removing dirt from the lungs. This cigarette effect on lungs is life threatening as it make your lungs prone to infectious diseases.

Cigarette Effect on Lungs

Now a days smoking cigarette has become fashion as well. But once you start smoking you become addicted to it and it is not easy to quit smoking then. You’ll need medication to minimize cigarette effect on lungs & you need counselling.

What actually happens when you Smoke?

Smoking cigarette damage your all body organs abut mainly it damages your lungs. Cigarette effect on lungs is due to production of harmful chemicals which includes nicotine, tar & carbon monoxide mainly. When you smoke cigarette this smoke damage lungs in different ways. These problems can be chronic (long term effect) or can be acute (Short term effect).

Most commonly cigarette effect is on our breathing system like cough problems, pneumonia etc. Such problems are acute and occur after short time duration. Harms of smoking cigarettes for longer duration are chronic like Emphysema, Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) & Chronic Bronchitis/ It is common in chain smokers. Other problems which arise because of cigarette smoke are following.

  • It greatly increases the number of mucus producing cells which leads to overproduction of mucus and ultimately leads to breathing problems.
  • Lungs needs cleaning as well. Smoking cigarette damages the cleaning system of lungs as well as these damage cilia leading to non-functioning of cilia & decrease in cilia number as well. Due to dirt lungs get damaged.
  • You suffer severe cough because of extra mucus which is prone to infections & ultimately leads to inflammation of lungs as well.
  • With advancing age, cigarette effect on lungs due to cigarette smoke enhances.
  • Additionally, smoking causes lungs to age faster than your other organs.
  • Due to severe damage to lungs, air sacs also destroy and decrease in number. Air carrying capacity of lungs is also reduced.
  • With time due to cigarette smoke normal cells are changed into cancerous cells.

How to Quit Smoking?

When you quit smoking your cilia grows well and perform their function, breathing problems got away, lungs self-cleaning system works well & your lungs don’t get inflamed or prone to infections. So if you’re smoke take necessary steps to quit smoking.

Firstly, start decreasing the number of cigarettes that you smoke daily because you can’t stop smoking suddenly.

If you find it hard to quit start using nicotine patches or nicotine gums which are especially made for smokers to help them in quitting smoking.

Take the help of your friends and family so that they can encourage you because it needs support as well.

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