Eye Infections Symptoms, Types and Natural Remedies

Eyes are the most sensitive part of our body that needs care and protection. Sometimes microorganisms like viruses’ bacteria and fungi get inadvertently entered in our eye and lead to allergic reactions in the eye. These microbes enter in white part surrounding eye ball which includes thin outer membrane of eye, cornea and conjunctiva. These parts get infected with the entry of these microbes. Sometimes eye color becomes reddish and eyes become water due to entry of microbes.

Eye Infections

Symptoms of Infected Eyes

If you see the following symptoms in the eye then person’s eye is having viral, fungal or bacterial infection in the eye. Symptoms include

  • Watery eyes
  • You feel itching in eyes
  • Eyes color changes to red
  • You feel pain in eyes
  • Light sensitivity is also a problem
  • Eye discharge gets accumulated in eyes corners.
  • Swelling is also seen around the eyes.
  • Blurred vision makes things appear vague.

But eye infection is not same in every one. Person can suffer from different types of infections and doctor can only diagnose what kind of infection person is suffering from.

Types of Eye Infections

  • Conjunctivitis (Pink eyes)
  • Trachoma
  • Viral keratitis (viral infection)
  • Fungal keratitis(Fungal infection)

These are some common types and there are many other types of bacterial eyes infection to treat these your must know what bacteria causes pink eye or what virus or fungi caused infection.

Best Home Remedies for Eye Infections

There are some eye care home remedies for eye infections which can help you prevent from getting eye infections.

  • Eye infections are contagious and you can also get infected eyes if you look into eyes of persons who are already infection. Secondly if you are with such person than avoid touching hands to your own eyes without washing them.
  • This is most likely that you can get infection from the infected person so care is very necessary. This risk can be minimized by using anti infection sprays at public places.
  • Avoid sharing the things like towel, bedding with the person who is infected with any type of eye infection. And ask them to wash hands before using or touching things.
  • Do not touch eyes unnecessarily because your hands may be dirty which might be responsible for getting bacteria enter in your eyes and ultimately leading to bacterial infections in the eye or other infections.
  • If you have itchy or burning eyes you can use rose water in your eyes which can help you treating these symptoms or follow eye washes home remedies.

These are some important home remedies for bacterial eye infection and other infections. Going to doctor and getting treatment is necessary.

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