Best Hand and Foot Care

Feet and hand are most used parts of our body and these need extra care than other parts of the body. We can cover our whole body but to cover hands and feet is quite difficult because we perform all of our activities with our hands so they need to be protected. Dull and dark colored hands give very dirty look. Especially feet represent your personality that either you prefer to keep yourself neat and clean or you just focus on face beauty.

Best Hand and Foot Care

To keep your hands attractive and shiny you need to take hands care and you must know best hand care tips. Best way to take care of your feet is to follow home remedies for foot care. You should know that how to follow these tips and how to take care of feet. Along with the hands and nails skin you must know the tips about how to take care of hands and nails. All the hands care tips and feet care home remedies are mentioned below.

Best Hand and Foot Care

  • Most important thing for the skin of any part of our body is moisturizer. Sometimes due to the dry environment or because of excessive washing our hands skin become dry and rough so you must moisturize it with moisturizer of good quality to keep them fresh.
  • Scrubbing is one of the most used methods for removing the dead and dry cells from the hands and feet skin. Scrub your hands and feet for at least twice in a week. This is the best way to take care of your feet and hands.
  • Pedicure and manicure are also very essential for hand and foot care. You must take pedicure and manicure at least once after 15 days and these are the best home remedies for foot care and hand care.

Manicure Method

  • Massage your hands with Almond oil or olive oil which one is available for you. This makes the skin of your hands very shiny and fair.
  • Take lukewarm water and add vinegar in it. Soak your hands in it for 15 minutes it also gives excellent re

Pedicure Method

  • Massaging your feet with almond or the olive oil has excellent effect it will nourish the skin of your feet making it fair and attractive. This is how to take care of feet.
  • Take lukewarm water and add some drops of lemon or vinegar in it and soak your feet for 15 minutes in it.

These foot and hand care tips are very effective for your feet and hands care. Following these hand care tips and foot care home remedies gives excellent results in few days.

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