Best Foot Care Tips and Pedicure Method

Hand and foot care is very important because these parts are at greater exposure towards the external environment and more prone to damage because of dirt and sunlight and other environmental factors. You should make hand and foot care the part of your daily routine because hands and feet need extra care to keep them fresh and attractive. Here we will provide you foot care tips for curing dry feet and to guide you about how to take care of your toenails and the best foot care treatment.

Best Foot Care Tips and Pedicure Method

Generally, massaging your feet with any moisturizer gives you comfort and you feel very relaxed. It is routine foot care that keeps your feet neat and protected from dirt. Because of outside polluted environment you must wash your feet daily and it is best in home foot care treatment. The skin of the sole, the lower part of the feet becomes dead and cracks appear on it which gives very rough look. For these dry cracked feet and toes you need to follow dry foot treatment and rough dry feet treatment for curing dry feet. These foot care tips also include cleaning your feet nails for total foot care. When you will wash your feet you must your feet nails with the help of any brush to remove the dirt for proper toenail care.

Best Foot Care Tips

Foot care is not very difficult you can easily follow foot care treatment and tips. These tips are foot care gifts for all who need total foot care plan.

  • Wash your feet on daily basis and moisturize them with good quality moisturizer it will keep the skin of your feet neat and your feet will not dry out.
  • Avoid bare feet walking because the bacteria when in contact with the skin directly can cause damage to your feet skin.
  • Must Scrub your feet with best scrub it will remove all the dirt and dead cells and your feet will become neat and clean.
  • Massage your feet with any cream or any moisturizer it will help in regulating the blood flow in your feet and it will strengthen your feet muscles.
  • Pedicure is one of the best methods to protect your feet health and keep them neat and attractive.

Pedicure Method

Pedicure is not difficult and you can easily do it at home. You only need 2 or three things which are easily available at your home. This Pedicure method is very economical and you can easily follow it

  • Take lukewarm water in a tub
  • Add any shampoo that you use for washing hairs in lukewarm water
  • Add few drops of Lemon juice in that water
  • Mix all these well and then soak your feet in it for at least 20-30 minutes
  • Than wash your feet with water and moisturize them

This method is very effect it will remove all the dirt and your feet skin will become shiny too. If you have sun tanned skin , this pedicure will also remove that tanning.

Try these foot care tips which will surely provide you the absolute foot care.

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