Amazing Health Benefits of Green Peas

Peas are usually considered an ordinary vegetable but its little beans contain wonderful health benefits in them. Peas have great nutritional value due to presence of variety of healthy ingredients in it like anti-oxidants, high fiber and protein content, minerals and low fat etc. Peas are part of many dishes, mostly used as ornamental or garnishing purposes. It is important ingredient of salad as well. Also peas are economical and anyone can buy peas. Health benefits of peas are tremendous which make them important to be must used in our diet. Important health benefits of peas are elaborated here which would let you know about the significance of this vegetable.

Benefits of Green Peas

Amazing Health Benefits of Green Peas

Some of the amazing health benefits of peas are mentioned here.

Best Anti-Aging

Due to presence of anti-aging agents like antioxidants, peas are being considered best anti aging vegetable. These slow down the process of aging and keep you fresh, lively and healthy. Important antioxidants which are responsible for anti-aging properties of peas include catechin, phenol acids flavonoids, polyphenols and carotenoids etc.

Use in Weight Loss

Peas are mostly seen part of many dishes and mostly these are used for weight loss because of their low fat content and low calories level in these. Besides, being green vegetable it is considered good for health and are added in different vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes as peas are best fit for weight management.

Strengthen Immune System

Another one of important health benefits of peas is its ability to strengthen our immune system and this is also because it is rich in antioxidants. Antioxidants prevent harmful reaction in our body ultimately protecting us from serious diseases. Besides antioxidants, peas contain high level of minerals in them like copper, zinc, calcium and magnesium. These minerals are also essential for strengthening of our immune system.

Best in Pregnancy

Pregnant mother are recommended to eat peas because of the presence of high levels of folic acid in peas. As we know folic acid is essential for the DNA synthesis and ultimately new cell formation so eating peas can prevent any abnormalities in the newborns. Also the presence of B-complex is also helpful in this regards.

These are the amazing health benefits of green peas which can provide you excellent and healthy life. Try adding peas in your diet plan to enjoy the health benefits of peas.

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