10 Incredible Health Benefits Of Green Tea

Health benefits of green tea are countless and serve medicine purpose as well. Green tea benefits are due to the presence of powerful antioxidants like polyphenols which include catechins & flavonoids in it and other chemicals which have protective function on our body organs. Antioxidants initiate the protective action by reducing the free radical production which act on healthy body cells and kill them. These free radicals are responsible for many diseases and have major role in aging process. But drinking green tea will make sure presence of antioxidants in your body which will insulate body from the harmful actions of free radicals. EGCG, Epigallocatechin Gallate is the most power antioxidant found in green tea and is responsible for prevention of various diseases ultimately proves health benefits of green tea.

Green Tea

People use to drink green tea to lose weight, to deal with higher cholesterol or for other health problem. Important health benefits are mentioned here which would make you aware of significance of green tea.

Incredible Health Benefits of Green Tea

Green tea benefits are amazing which are discussed below. Green tea has proved that it greatly influence the human health in positive manner and keeps them healthy.

  • Potentiates Brain Function

Green tea has very active stimulant in it which is called ‘caffeine’. It keeps our CNS active and helps us in performing our functions well. So to stay active, making habit of green tea drinking is also an excellent idea.

  • Lowers Cholesterol Level

Green tea’s amazing effect is lowering of cholesterol level so people having high levels of bad cholesterol should consider drinking green tea to enjoy health benefits of green tea so as a result your good cholesterol will become sufficient and bad cholesterol will be decreased and you will be protecting from the risk of catching diseases due to higher cholesterol.

  • Maintain Blood Flow

Normal blood flow is also the important factor for the good health. Health benefits of green tea also include maintenance of higher blood pressure. People having higher blood pressure should make habit of in-taking green tea to have normal blood flow so to stay healthy go green and drink green tea ultimately you will be protected from the risks of hypertension.

  • Antibacterial & Antiviral

Bacteria and viruses are cosmopolitan and you are always prone towards infections due to these microbes. Important health benefits of green tea also include its antibacterial and antiviral action due to catechins presence which helps killing them ultimately preventing you from infections or other diseases like influenza. So drinking green tea is very fruitful as you will be protected from catching microbial infections.

  • Helps in Depression

Green tea benefits also help depression patients because green tea has “Theanine” in it, which is an amino acid present in tea leaves naturally. Theanine exerts tranquillizing and relaxing effect when you intake green tea ultimately depression will be relieved. So green tea is best choice for depression patients.

  • Dermatological Benefits

Skin is the external organ of our body and people are very much conscious about it. Green tea due to its anti-inflammatory action and presence of antioxidants helps with skin problems as well. Like drinking green tea can slow down aging process and help you dealing with wrinkled skin. So People with such skin problems should drink green tea to avoid these problems.

  • Improves Heart Health

Heart is obviously the most important part of our body if it stops beating person will die. So taking care of heart health is of prime importance. Green tea benefits exhibit some advantages for our heart as well like it strengthens blood vessels lining to make them withstand blood pressure changes. It also helps in protection from heart attacks by preventing clot formation in our blood vessels. People with heart problems should intake green tea for improving their heart health.

  • Helps in Weight Loss

Green tea has polyphenols in it which are major agents for fat oxidation and also speed up fat burning process along with production of calories from food. If you’re fat and you want to achieve ideal body weight, make green tea your favorite drink and enjoy your slim body

  • Prevents Tooth Decay

Green tea, along with other health benefits also maintains our tooth health. Catechin, an oxidant kills the microbes like viruses and bacteria preventing dental caries, throat infections and other dental problems. As a result of this action of catechins, teeth remain protected and healthy. So people with teeth problem can use green tea for enjoying green tea benefits.

  • Benefits in Parkinson & Alzheimer

Green tea also has proven its advantages in neurodegenerative diseases like Parkinsonism and Alzheimer’s. Chemicals present in green tea protect the brain cells from damage and prevent them from dying, so green tea is considered of great benefit in people with Parkinsonism or Alzheimer’s disease.

These were the amazing health benefits of green tea. Drink green tea and enjoy green tea benefits to stay healthy and happy.

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