What are the Benefits of Black Tea with Lemon

Black tea is the tea without milk and it has many health benefits. It is usually calories free and it has caffeine in it which reduces the risk of many heart diseases in people. It is used commonly by many people. It is called black because of the color of the tea liquor. Benefits of black tea with lemon are multiple like on Cardiovascular system, improves oral health, it reduces cancer risk and improves nervous system as well.

Black Tea With Lemon

Following are the important benefits of black tea with lemon.

Addition of Lemon in Black Tea

Benefits of black with lemon are more because lemon potentiates the protective properties of black tea. So lemon is added instead of milk in black tea because milk inhibits the benefits of health. Tea also has antioxidants in but addition of milk limits their action by binding with the antioxidants ultimately antioxidants won’t be absorbed.

You can’t add lemon to the tea but you can add it to the black tea because milk will curdle due to lemon so best option is to add lemon in black tea to enjoy complete health benefits of black tea with lemon.

Benefits on Cardiovascular System

Black tea strengthens your cardiovascular system as well because the antioxidants like flavonoids in black tea inhibit LDL cholesterol oxidation. It also protects from various heart diseases by protecting arteries and blood stream. In case of endothelial vasomotor dysfunction, black tea consumption can improve the condition. So use of black tea is best option for prevent coronary heart problems and other heart diseases.

Benefits for Immune System

Immune system is very important in our body as it protects us from the environmental harmful substance, from viral or bacterial attacks and keeps us healthy. If our immune system will be weak we will be prone towards infections and other disease. Major role of black tea in our body is strengthening of immune system because tannins in black tea inhibit the action of viruses like cold, flu, hepatitis and influenza etc. If you have inflammation in your body, intake of at least 3 cups of black day can reduce it. Immune response to foreign particle is also increased due to alkyl amine antigens presence.

Prevention of Cancer

Other amazing benefits of black tea with lemon include prevention of cancer due to polyphenols presence.  Polyphenols are substances with fights against carcinogens ultimately preventing lungs, colorectal, prostrate, and ovarian and bladder cancer. TF-2 compound presence in black tea initiates apoptosis of carcinogenic cells but the normal cells are not affected by this process. Black tea also gives benefits to smoker’s bur lowering risk of oral cancer in them.

Benefits of black tea with lemon are tremendous and cannot be neglected. Along with these benefits black tea also gives you energy due to caffeine presence, improves health and keeps our nervous system and brain very active. You should try black tea with lemon to enjoy its health benefits.

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