What Causes The Common Cold ?

Common cold is caused by profuse number of viruses but among various causes of common cold the major reason is “Rhinovirus”.  You must know Rhinovirus is an important virus what causes the common cold majorly in most of population. Common cold comes among contagious conditions and its viruses are cosmopolitan.  Other common viruses are RSV, Cornaviruses and parainfluenza. All of these lead to cause common cold. If any of these gets enter to your body you will suffer from common cold. To avoid this you must know what causes the common cold.

What Causes The Common Cold

Basically what causes the common cold?

Basic cause of common cold is viruses but other risk factors that cause the common cold are following:

  1. Age

Infant and children are more prone towards catching a severe cold because they do not have strong immune system and pose less resistance to invading viruses. Also they are not much careful about washing hands or putting hand on mouth and nose while they cough or sneeze because the y do not know what causes the common cold. So children acquire or catch severe cold at greater rate than adults who have stronger immune system.

  1. Time of year

Time factor is same for all ages to catch a cold. Usually all get severe cold in winters and in fall so both adults and children are equally susceptible to severe cold. To avoid cold in winter stay indoors.

  1. Immunity

Immunity is also a substantial factor as it fights to the culprits of common cold. If you have strong immunity you are at lesser risk of getting cold but if you have weak immunity you are more susceptible to getting cold. Usually children have immature immune system than the adults.

Catching a Cold

The main culprit or cause of common cold that is virus enters in our body via different routes like nose, ear and mouth. As it is contagious there are many other methods which cause spreading of common cold viruses as well as catching of cold. Some very common causes of common cold are sneezing, coughing and talking. If someone has common cold, by making hand to hand contact with him/her can transfer that virus to you and you will also catch cold. Furthermore, by sharing your belongings with common cold patient can also be a reason of catching cold like sharing toys, mobiles, utensils and towel etc.

Duration of Common Cold

The duration of common cold is at least 1-4 days you start feeling symptoms up to 4 days after you have suffered severe cold. It can be identified by common cold symptoms like burning sensation in throat as well as mouth, rapid sneezing, running nose and fatigue.

You must know what causes the common cold to cure a cold. Some home remedies for common cold are available that you can follow to cure a cold instead of going for medicines directly.

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