Strawberries 06 Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits

Strawberries come among very eye catching fruits due to their unique shape and color. They look pretty and delicious and these are the favorite fruit of everyone. Strawberries are summer fruit and have yummy taste and these are rich in ingredients which are very beneficial for human health. Health benefits of strawberries are amazing that protects our all vital organs and are responsible for preventing us catching or curing diseases.

benefits of strawberries

Kids who have with nutrition of strawberries are also very strong and healthy due to best health benefits of strawberries. Some of the benefits of eating strawberries are discussed here like reducing inflammation, decreasing levels of bad cholesterol and raising the good cholesterol level etc.

Best Health Benefits of Strawberries

Strawberries common benefits are discussed here which shows the importance of strawberries in our diet.

  • Strengthen Immune System

Strawberries- the heart shaped fruit are believed to increase the strength of our immune system by raising the levels of vitamin C in our body. Strawberries contain reasonable amount of vitamin C in them. Eating strawberries can meet our daily vitamin C requirement which would ultimately boost our immune system making human body powerful to fight against diseases.

  • Stroke Prevention

Strawberries are rich in antioxidants which include anthocyanins, kaempferol and quercetin. These antioxidants are responsible for prevention of blood clot formation which might result in stroke. Additionally high amounts of potassium in strawberries are also a major contributor towards stroke prevention.

  • Obesity Control

Are strawberries good for weight loss. If you are taking fat rich food or snacks than cut back on snacks and add strawberries to diet because strawberries are low fat fruit with low calories which keeps your body weight balanced and prevent you from getting fat.

  • Hypertensive Control

For hypertensive patients benefits of eating strawberries are also important. Eating strawberries will raise the potassium level which helps in reduction of higher blood pressure values ultimately normalizing the blood pressure.

  • Constipation Control

Fibers are important part of food ingredients which aid in proper digestion of food. Reduced level of fiber can result in problems like constipation but eating strawberries can help you out with this problem because strawberries are rich in fiber content and water levels. Eating strawberries can help you get rid of constipation problems as well.

  • Cancer Control

One of the important health benefits of strawberries is prevention of cancer. As we have discussed about vitamin C amount – an antioxidant in strawberries which strengthens our immune system also aids cancer patients for fighting cancerous cells. Along with it, presence of ellagic acid – a Phytochemical is also best for preventing cancerous cell’s growth. Additionally other antioxidants also fight against the free radicals produced by the cancer cells and protect human body from cancer.

These are the amazing health benefits of strawberries which would surely convince everyone to add strawberries to their diet and to become strong and healthy to fight against the diseases.

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