Best Health Benefit of Banana

Banana is an amazing fruit with plenty of essential nutrients in it. It is the favorite fruit of everyone because of its yummy taste and its beautiful color. It is easy to eat just peel it off and you can enjoy this delicious fruit. It is of different types varying depending on its shape, color and size. Commonly naturally known color of banana is yellow when it is fully ripe and it looks green which it is in unripe form. World popular fruit banana has numerous health benefit of banana which are because of presence of fiber, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, Such as Manganese, vitamin C, Vitamin B6, Potassium, Protein, copper and carbohydrates.

Best Health Benefit of Banana

Best Health Benefit of Banana

To know about the health benefit of banana read the given below benefits. You would be surprise to know what this small fruit has in it.

Maintain Digestive System

Banana’s amazing health benefit includes maintenance of digestive system. Banana contains fibers in it which are very good for the proper digestion. Resistant starch and pectin are the fibers which are present in unripe and ripe bananas respectively and a normal banana has approximately 3 gram fiber in it. That is why eating banana daily can improve digestive system.

Improves Kidney Health

Another amazing health benefit of banana is improvement of kidney health. This is because of the presence of potassium in it. As we know potassium act as key element for the proper regulation of blood pressure in our body and eating banana can give us reasonable amounts potassium which help in maintaining our normal blood pressure ultimately helps kidney to function normally, so people with hypertension problems can be benefited with bananas or in the healthy person risk of getting high blood pressure problems can be decreased.

Prevents from Cancer

Health benefit of banana also include prevention from cancer because it is rich in antioxidants and antioxidants prevents the formation are free radicals inside our body. Free radicals cause cancerous cell formation when free radical formation will be inhibited, cancer will be prevented, therefore it is recommended for the cancerous patients to eat banana.

Used for treating Diarrhea

You might have observed this common practice of using banana if you are having diarrhea. This is because during diarrhea our essential electrolytes are lost from the body in larger amounts. To cope up with that loss, consumption of banana can help because of the presence of essential electrolytes like potassium in it.

These are the health benefit of banana. If you do not eat banana, add it to your diet today because you are ignoring precious fruit in the world.

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