Best Home Remedies for Black Lips

Lips are the most sensitive, beautiful and attractive part of our face and lips play a greater role in the freshness and beauty of our face rather than any other part. Sometimes due to certain reasons lips become black and the beauty of lips fades so females use lipsticks to make the lips beautiful and make them more pretty. There are many home remedies for black lips so there is no tread to worry because lips can be treated by following tips for lip care naturally. Most of the men also ask for how to make lips red naturally for men so these natural ways are applicable for them as well. Most of the ladies use skin lightening lip balm or lip whitening cream to make lips beautiful and attractive but natural ways are far better than these creams.

Best Home Remedies for Black Lips

Best Home Remedies for Black Lips

Best ways to get pink lips is following the easiest home remedies for blacks which costs nothing because all the needed ingredients are available in your kitchen. Have look on these ingredients.

Lip Care Tip # 1

Use of coconut oil along with the lemon juice is very beneficial for removing the black dots or black color of lips which might have resulted because of several reasons like sunlight.

  • Coconut oil
  • Lemon juice

Take both these ingredients in the required quantity and apply on to your lips at night time to get rid of black lips. Repeat this method daily at night to get quicker and quicker results

Lip Care Tip # 2

Lemon is considered best for getting lighter skin or lips color due to it bleaching properties. If you have cracked lips you can use the following method.

  • Lemon
  • Honey

Mix both of the ingredients in the quantity that you think is sufficient to be applicable on lips.  Apply this mixture at night time daily to get perfect results. Afterwards apply milk on your lips for making these home remedies for black lips more effective.

Lip Care Tip # 3

Besides lemon many other ingredients are also being use for how to remove black dots from lips naturally and to make them look pink.  Rose along with butter is another effective way for getting rid of black lips.

  • Rose 2 tablespoon
  • Butter 1 teaspoon

Mix both the above mentioned ingredients in written quantities and make paste to apply it on your lips and massage your lips with this paste for at least 5 minutes. Use this method every day to get benefit from this remedy quickly.

These home remedies for black lips are best way of getting pink lips naturally and far better than use of lip whitening cream. These remedies have no side effects must try these to get excellent results.

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