Best Home Remedies for Chapped Lips

We often face this problem of dried and chapped lips and these are cause because of dehydration. Cracks appear on the lips and these are also painful as well. Dry skin and lips give very dull look and these should be treated as well. For the home lip treatment causes for dry lips must be known. Our lips does not contain any oil glands which can keep them moist or prevent them drying so the need tips for lip care naturally and you must follow any home lip treatment.

Best Home Remedies for Chapped Lips

Best Home Remedies for Chapped Lips

Here are the best home remedies for chapped lips treatment. All needed things used in this tips of home lip treatment are easily available in your kitchen.

Use of Castor Oil

Best tips for lip care naturally include the use of castor oil along with other different ingredients. Take the following ingredients:

Castor oil                             1 teaspoon

Lemon Juice                       few drops

Glycerin                               1 teaspoon

  • Take the above mentioned ingredients and mix them properly to make a mixture
  • Apply this castor oil to your lips and massage with it.
  • You can apply it several times a day or apply it at night time.
  • Rinse your lips with water and apply lip balm in the morning
  • You can simply apply castor oil as well to get rid of chapped lips

Use of Milk Cream

Best and effective home remedies for chapped lips also include the use of milk cream. Take these things

Milk Cream

Lukewarm water

Cotton balls

  • Take fresh milk cream and apply it to your lips and rub it for at least 10 minutes
  • Afterwards take cotton ball and dip in lukewarm water and cleanse your lips with it.
  • Use this method twice a day to get rid of chapped lips.

Use of Cucumber

Cucumber is rich in water and is considered best among home remedies for chapped lips.

  • Take cucumber slices and rub these slices on your chapped and dried lips.
  • Keep rubbing for 10 – 15 minutes and then leave for sometimes.
  • Than wash your lips with water.
  • You can use this method several times a day to get immediate and effective results

These are the ways of how to get lighter lips naturally. Must try these best home remedies for chapped lips to get pink and attractive lips.

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