Easy 04 Home Remedies for Pink Lips

Pink and soft lips greatly enhance the beauty of your smile while dark and rough lips give very ugly look. Lips turns to darker color due to various reasons like greater exposure to the external environment especially in hot sunny days, lips become tanned due to harmful ultraviolet rays of sun. Other factors that contribute towards the darker lips color are low blood supply towards lips, stress condition and excessive use of lipsticks. Most of the cosmetic that you put on your face and lips are of low quality causing the darker color of lips. Darker lips are not permanent instead there is black lips treatment and these can be treated with the use of home remedies for pink lips.

Home Remedies for Pink Lips

Easy Home Remedies for Pink Lips

To get rid of dull and dark lips use the easy home remedies for pink lips which include the use of natural products without any harm.

1) Use of Moisturizer

Moisturizing the lips is very important because it keeps your lips fresh and pink. Whenever you wash face do not forget to apply moisturizer on lips. Additionally while going outside must apply moisturizer containing SPF so it will also protect your lips from sunlight. This is how to get lighter lips naturally.

2) Use of Lemon

Another effective remedy for maintaining the freshness and beauty of your lips is the use of Lemon which is the natural bleaching agent that will turn the darker lips to the pink color. Simply take a slice of lemon and sprinkle some sugar over it and rub this sugar containing slice on your lips daily. Sugar used will result in exfoliation and lemon will help you get pink lips.

3) Use of Almond Oil & Honey

Honey and almond oil exhibit great skin benefits and both are being used to prepare variety of masks for treating skin problems. Darker lips can also be cured with the help of almond oil and honey mixture. Take some honey and mix some almond oil in it. Also add sugar to this mixture to get more effective result. Rub this mixture to your lips daily. This will give excellent results as it comes among best tips for lip care naturally.

4) Pomegranate Seeds Use

Pomegranate seeds are another effective way of getting fresh and pink lips. This is very simplest remedy among home remedies for pink lips. Take pomegranate seeds and dry them. Crush the dried seeds and add some milk to make paste. Apply this paste to your lips and rub it. Use this method daily to get effective results.

These home remedies for pink lips involve all natural ingredients which do not cause any harm to your skin. So you can easily use these methods for getting pink and fresh lips.

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