Egg White Facial Mask

Egg white is great and is used in many recipes that are prepared at home for improving the look or for making the skin tight. Egg white when separated from the yolk can be used for the treatment of acne and the problem of large pores which is faced by many individuals. Taking care of the skin, especially the face skin is necessary because wrinkles and loose skin can make a person look old in young age. Given below are some the preparation methods of some effective egg white facial mask which not only assists in avoiding the wrinkles, but also helps in making the skin soft and lively.

Egg White Facial Mask

Egg white with lemon

For the preparation of mask with the combination of egg white and lemon, only 1 egg white and a few drops of lemon are needed. First of all, beat the egg white until it becomes white in color from transparent color and then add 2 or 3 drops of lemon in it. Apply the paste on the whole face with the help of the fingertips, but it should not touch the eyes otherwise the person will suffer serious issues. Close your eyes and lie down or sit in a relaxing manner for just fifteen minutes, apply the second layer of the mixture after the first one becomes dry. Then again relax for fifteen minutes and in the end, wash the face with warm water but in the last, use cold water. Dry the face gently with a clean piece of soft cloth. This mask works great in face-lifting and is perfect for treating the wrinkles.

Egg white with honey

First of all separate the white part of egg and beat it till the volume doubles. Heat the honey in a double boiler and mix it with the egg white, apply the paste on the face. After waiting twelve to fourteen minutes, wash the face but don’t use cold water. Wash the paste with warm water and use the cold water at the end prior to drying the face with a soft cloth.

Egg white with apple pulp

Apple works great in removing the dead skin when used after making it a paste, there is a requirement of 2 egg whites and pulp of a medium sized apple. Mix both and one can also add a few drops of lavender oil in the mixture, apply the paste on the whole area of the face and let it dry. An individual should not use cold water for washing the face; a person should only use mild warm water.

One can use any of the above written preparation methods for getting the benefit of the egg whites when used alone or after mixing with any other natural product. Every person should know that egg whites make the skin dry so the individuals who have the problem of dry skin should use a moisturizer after treating the face with the egg white facial mask or any other beauty recipe containing egg whites.

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