Which file extension is used for Excel workbooks?

a) .doc

b) .xls

c) .ppt

d) .pdf

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b) .xls

Excel workbooks typically use the file extension “.xlsx” for versions of Excel 2007 and later. For Excel files created in earlier versions, the file extension “.xls” was commonly used. However, it’s important to note that there are other Excel-related file extensions as well, such as “.xlsm” for macro-enabled workbooks and “.xlsb” for binary workbooks.


Q1: What is the file extension for Excel workbooks?

Answer: The file extension for Excel workbooks is typically “.xlsx” for modern versions of Excel. In older versions, you might also encounter “.xls” or “.xlsm” for workbooks containing macros.

Q2: Can I open Excel workbooks with a different file extension?

Answer: Excel is primarily designed to open “.xlsx” files, but it can also open “.xls” files (Excel 97-2003 format) and “.xlsm” files (macro-enabled workbooks). You may encounter compatibility issues with other file extensions.

Q3: Are there any advantages to using the “.xlsx” extension over “.xls” or “.xlsm”?

Answer: Yes, “.xlsx” is the newer file format and offers improved features, security, and compatibility. It is also more compact, which reduces file size. It’s recommended to use “.xlsx” whenever possible, especially in newer Excel versions.

Q4: How do I convert an Excel workbook from one file extension to another?

Answer: To convert an Excel workbook to a different file extension, open the file in Excel and then use the “Save As” option. From there, you can select the desired file format, such as “.xlsx” or “.xlsm,” and save the file with the new extension.

Q5: What’s the difference between “.xlsx” and “.xlsm” file extensions?

Answer: The “.xlsx” extension is used for standard Excel workbooks without macros, while “.xlsm” is used for workbooks that contain macros. The “m” in “.xlsm” stands for “macro.” Excel workbooks with macros can execute custom code, making them useful for automation and advanced functionality.

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