When a router sends a packet, it needs:

  1. Channel

  2. Medium

  3. Physical Path

  4. All of these

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All of these

  1. Destination IP address: This is the IP address of the device to which the packet is being sent.
  2. Source IP address: This is the IP address of the device that sent the packet.
  3. Routing table: The router uses its routing table to determine the best path for the packet to reach its destination. The routing table contains information about networks and the next hop router that the packet should be sent to.
  4. Destination MAC address: The router uses the ARP (Address Resolution Protocol) to determine the MAC address of the next hop router. The MAC address is used to deliver the packet to the correct device on the local network.
  5. Source MAC address: This is the MAC address of the router’s interface that the packet is being sent from.

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