What plant excretes stinksap?

What plant excretes stinksap? The plant that excretes stinksap is known as the “corpse flower.” This unique plant, scientifically called Amorphophallus titanum, produces a foul-smelling sap that gives off an odor reminiscent of a rotting corpse. The purpose of this stinky excretion is to attract carrion-eating insects like flies and beetles, which aid in pollinating the plant. So, if you’re wondering what plant excretes stinksap, it’s the fascinating corpse flower, which uses its malodorous trick to ensure its survival.

What plant excretes stinksap

What plant excretes stinksap: 

Have you ever wondered about the fascinating world of plants and their unique adaptations? Some plants have evolved to produce rather unusual and pungent substances, one of which is “stinksap.” In this article, we’ll explore the plant kingdom’s intriguing phenomenon of stinksap and discover which plant is notorious for excreting it.

What Is Stinksap?

Before we dive into the specifics of the plant that excretes stinksap, let’s clarify what stinksap actually is. Stinksap is a term used to describe the foul-smelling fluid produced by certain plants. This odorous substance serves a particular purpose in the plant’s life cycle, and understanding it can be both fascinating and educational.

The Corpse Flower: Nature’s Odorous Marvel

If you’re looking for the plant that excretes stinksap, look no further than the “Corpse Flower” (Amorphophallus titanum). This remarkable plant has earned its name due to the horrendous stench it emits, reminiscent of a decaying animal. The Corpse Flower is famous for its unique adaptation of producing stinksap to attract pollinators, particularly carrion-eating insects.

The Purpose of Stinksap

Why do certain plants, like the Corpse Flower, produce stinksap? The answer lies in their clever strategy for reproduction. The foul odor of stinksap acts as a potent attractant for insects such as flies and beetles that are naturally drawn to the scent of rotting flesh. These insects visit the plant, and in the process of searching for food or mates, they inadvertently pick up and transfer pollen from one Corpse Flower to another, facilitating pollination.

The Corpse Flower in Bloom

When the Corpse Flower is in bloom, it becomes a botanical spectacle. Its enormous, reddish-brown bloom can reach several feet in height, and the stench is most potent during this time. People from all around the world visit gardens and botanical centers to witness the rare and fascinating sight of the Corpse Flower in full bloom.


In the world of plants, the Corpse Flower stands out as the prime example of a plant that excretes stinksap. While its odor may be offensive to some, it serves a critical role in the plant’s reproduction and showcases the incredible diversity of nature’s adaptations. So, if you’ve ever wondered what plant excretes stinksap, now you know that the Corpse Flower is the remarkable answer. This fascinating plant reminds us of the unique ways in which the natural world works to ensure its survival.


Q1: What is stinksap, and why do some plants produce it?

Answer: Stinksap is a foul-smelling substance excreted by certain plants, like the Corpse Flower, to attract pollinators.

Q2: How does the Corpse Flower use stinksap in its life cycle?

Answer: The Corpse Flower relies on its stinksap to lure carrion-eating insects for pollination.

Q3: Where can I see the Corpse Flower in bloom?

Answer: You can witness the Corpse Flower’s remarkable bloom in botanical gardens and centers around the world.

Q4: Why is the Corpse Flower considered a botanical marvel?

Answer: The Corpse Flower’s gigantic size and the putrid scent it emits during flowering make it a captivating botanical wonder.

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