What is the function of the “Fill Handle” in Excel?

a) It fills cells with random data

b) It duplicates the content of a cell to adjacent cells

c) It creates a new worksheet

d) It applies conditional formatting

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b) It duplicates the content of a cell to adjacent cells

The “Fill Handle” in Excel is a small square or dot located at the bottom-right corner of a selected cell or range of cells. It serves several useful functions, including:

  1. AutoFill: You can use the Fill Handle to quickly fill adjacent cells with a series of values, such as numbers, dates, or text, by dragging it over the cells. Excel can automatically recognize patterns and fill in the series for you. For example, if you have a cell with the number 1 and you drag the Fill Handle, Excel will continue the series as 2, 3, 4, and so on.
  2. Copy and Paste: You can use the Fill Handle to copy the contents of a cell or range and paste them into adjacent cells. Simply select the cell or range, click and drag the Fill Handle, and release it in the target area.
  3. Fill Series Options: When you use the Fill Handle, you can access a context menu that allows you to choose various Fill Series options, such as filling linear series, growth series, or date series.
  4. Fill Formatting: You can also use the Fill Handle to copy the formatting (such as cell borders, font, and background color) from one cell or range and apply it to another.

The Fill Handle is a convenient tool for quickly populating cells and applying patterns, making it a time-saving feature when working with large datasets or creating sequences in your Excel worksheets.

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