What Is Flatulence And Symptoms Of Excessive Gas

Flatulence refers to the release of foul smelling gas from human digestive system via anus. Flatulence usually occurs due to accumulation of excessive gas in our digestive system. People are not aware of this ‘Flatulence’ term because it’s a medical term. If you tell layman that he/she is having flatulence definitely he will ask “What is flatulence?”Commonly, flatulence is known as passing wind, farting or having gas problem. Gas gets accumulated in digestive system in different ways like;

What Is Flatulence And Symptoms Of Excessive Gas

  • We can swallow gas while drinking or eating and it can be either nitrogen or oxygen and gets collected in the gut.
  • When we digest the food, gases like carbon dioxide, hydrogen and methane called digestive gases are also accumulated in gut

Both of these cause farting or flatulence and gas can be released any time. Most of the time people feel it very embarrassing because they are at crowded places. Flatulence is not any serious there is nothing to worry about if you have flatulence problem. You can deal with it with minor changes in your lifestyle. So now hopefully you know that what is flatulence?

Symptoms Of Excessive Gas

Flatulence causes release of foul smelling gas and occurs commonly. It is said that every individual farts at least once in 15 days. So if you have flatulence, it does mean you have any disease and it is not necessary to visit doctor as well. By adopting some modifications to your lifestyle can let you get rid of flatulence problem but for this you must know the sign and symptoms of excessive gas which are following.

  • It is an involuntary action with excessive gas release
  • When wind is released it smells very foul
  • Person feels bloating in abdomen
  • In abdomen knotted sensation
  • Cramps are felt in abdomen and mostly these feel like moving and cause pain as well.
  • What is flatulence

Causes Of Flatulence

Main causes of flatulence are mentioned below

  • Swallowing of gas while eating or gas release while digestion of food
  • Certain food items when eaten cause flatulence. For example polysaccharide rich food items especially oligosaccharides (Inulin) cause flatulence.
  • Milk also causes flatulence in people who can’t digest lactose.
  • Other foods which when taken in excess cause farting include beans, fiber supplements, carbonated drinks etc

What Is Flatulence Treatment ?

Flatulence need self-treatment firstly if it is the sole problem but if you have other conditions like abdominal pain or abdomen swelling along with flatulence than you need to see a doctor to know the exact problem.

  1. If you feel symptoms of excessive gas in abdomen avoid chewing gum and smoking as well because it is cause of air swallowing in minute quantity.
  2. If your digestion process is not going well, go for some exercise for proper digestion of food because indigestion also leads to flatulence.
  3. Enlist food items in your diary which make you suffer farting problem and avoid them for next time.
  4. Some food items contain superfluous carbohydrates which are difficult to digest so replace them with less carbohydrate containing items.

Adopting these easy tips will help you to get rid of flatulence. Usually flatulence is not prolonged condition but you must treat flatulence because if it is left untreated it can be worsen or other symptoms may appear which can lead to serious problems.

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