What is a full form of a computer?

  1. Competent Operated Machine Particularly Used for Technical Education and Research
  2. Commonly Operated Machine Particularly Used for Technical Education and Research
  3. Commonly Operated Machine Particularly Used for Trade Education and Research

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B. Commonly Operated Machine Particularly Used for Technical Education and Research

In the past computing was too calculating and a computer was a person who did this. Computers were first designed for this purpose, but later their purpose diversified, so the name continued.

In modern times it has been given a full form of:

C = Commonly O= Operated M = Machine P = Particularly U = Used for T = Technical and E = Educational R = Research.


Q1: What does the term “computer” stand for?

Answer: The term “computer” does not have a specific full form. It originated from the Latin word “computare,” which means “to calculate.” A computer is an electronic device used for various tasks, including data processing, calculations, and information storage and retrieval.

Q2: Is “computer” an acronym for something?

Answer: No, “computer” is not an acronym. Unlike many other words in technology, it doesn’t stand for a specific set of words or phrases. It’s a word that evolved to describe machines capable of performing various computational tasks.

Q3: Are there related acronyms in computing?

Answer: Yes, there are several acronyms related to computing, but “computer” itself is not one of them. For example, CPU stands for Central Processing Unit, RAM stands for Random Access Memory, and GPU stands for Graphics Processing Unit.

Q4: How did the term “computer” evolve in technology?

Answer: The term “computer” has evolved over time. Originally, it referred to people who performed calculations manually. With the advent of electronic machines capable of automating calculations, the term gradually shifted to describe these machines, and it has become synonymous with the devices we use today for a wide range of computing tasks.

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