What does vitamin c do for your body

Vitamin C is one of the best nutrients for our body as it has got diverse mechanisms for protecting our body. In medical terms it is known as Ascorbic Acid and it is water soluble which means some amount is dissolved in water and remaining is excreted out of the body via urine hence constant supply of such vitamins is needed to prevent deficiency. Every person must know what does vitamin c do for your body to realize the value of Vitamin C. It has got main attention because of its major protecting roles in the body’s vital organ protection like eyes, heart etc. Daily amount of vitamin C intake should be in balance.

vitamin c

Best Vitamin C Source

Vitamin C is found naturally in many food products. Best Vitamin C source include fruits, citrus fruits, vegetables and food and beverages.

  • Vegetables and Fruits include strawberries, kiwifruit, potatoes, tomatoes and broccoli. Additionally green and pepper are rich sources of vitamin C.
  • Citrus fruits include grape fruits, oranges and juices of citrus fruits.

These are best vitamin source. If anyone has vitamin C deficiency, increasing the intake of these can balance vitamin C levels.

What does vitamin c do for your body

  1. Growth and Development

Vitamin C has major role in our tissue repair and development. If we intake vitamin C according to recommended daily amount of vitamin C that we can get its benefits easily.

  • It synthesizes protein which is important for ligaments, blood vessels, tendons and skin.
  • Its helps in iron absorption.
  • Scar tissue formation and healing of wounds is done efficiently with the aid of vitamin C.
  1. Anti-oxidant Action

Vitamin C plays best role as an anti-oxidant and is supposed to prevent free radical damage.

  • Free radicals results from the food particles break down
  • Free radicals may also be produced on exposure to radiation or tobacco smoke.
  • Free radicals can be the possible cause of heart diseases, cancer and other medical conditions like arthritis etc.
  1. Cardiovascular disease prevention

Fruits and many vegetables are best vitamin c source. People eating plenty of fruits and vegetable are less likely to suffer cardiovascular disease because vitamin C present in these exhibit anti-oxidant characteristics which protect you from the cardiovascular disease and keeps us safe.

  1. Cancer Treatment

Cancer is fatal disease whose risk can be decreased by the intake of sufficient quantity of vitamin C. people with rich intake of vitamin C have lower risk of developing cancer of any type like breast cancer, colon cancer and lung cancer. But if someone has cancer it cannot be treated and daily amount of vitamin C should be enhanced only after physician’s suggestion. Vitamin C is just thought to reduce the risk of developing cancer.

To enjoy the benefits of vitamin C, natural essential nutrient, one must be aware that what does vitamin C  do for your body.

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