How Video Games are Good For Health?

Video games are all kids favorite. Have you ever thought about video games are good for health.  They are addictive, make our children fat and grumpy and prepare them to commit future murders. Well, that’s what we often hear. Is there a good side to video games? And if you love GTA 5, then it is a must to opt for money cheat GTA 5. Years ago, popular belief placed video games as one of the new technological effects and addictions. The reasons?

Video Games are Good For Health

How Video Games are Good for Health?

A curious stereotype based on a gamer of kilos, sexually inactive, socially adapted and with his atrophied mental abilities, adding to this to short episodes of violence where this activity was blamed for negatively influencing user behavior. Who does not wants to win by playing video games and when it comes to getting real money, then, I am sure you are waiting for it, why don’t you look for money cheat GTA 5. Yes, playing video games are good for health and so is acquiring money cheat GTA 5, have a look how?

Benefits of Playing Video Games

have a look at some benefits of playing video games .

Improve Monitor Skills:

Anyone who has spent a lot of time with preschoolers can tell you that the only thing they can catch from the air is conjunctivitis and that they only have the strength to throw things lighter than a noodle. Over the years it has been verified that those surgeons who played video games played the interventions 27% faster and, more importantly, making 37% fewer errors than those who did not play.

Increase Sociability:

The image of the solitary gamer, although it exists, is not everything. It is possible to work as a team, foster relationships with family and friends through cooperative and online gaming options, developing the ability to solve problems together in both children and adults, as well as helping those who have difficulties in relating to the others, being a less anger and stress form of social interaction.

Relieve Negative behavior:

Are you done with your polo/oy and plunge your grief by killing zombies in your favorite video game? Relief can not only be emotional, but physical. This was discovered in the psychology department of the University of Washington, who in 2012 helped inpatients through distraction, using the virtual reality title “Snow World”, in which the player was immersed in a world with penguins and snowmen. It sounds unattractive, but in the results, soldiers with war wounds who volunteered required fewer drugs to recover, with these methods in children and adults reducing anxiety levels between 30 and 50 percent.

Video Games help Patients with Numerous Diseases

The effects of games on improving the balance and hand-eye coordination of stroke victims, Parkinson’s, and children with chronic diseases, although in this case, we are talking about a specially developed title for motion sensors like Kinect, PS Move, and Wii Mote, in this way, games activate the “reward system and positive emotions” at the neuronal level in patients, helping to improve their behaviors and the difficult challenge of their illness.

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