Ufone Internet Packages – Daily, Weekly, Monthly

Ufone stands at top among the entire best cellular network for providing the excellent internet services to all Ufone users. Everyone wants to use internet at fastest speed to surf internet without any interruption. For this Ufone provides its services via Ufone internet packages. It offers unbelievable Ufone internet packages featuring very low rates, excellent quality and with ever best streaming & browsing. Keeping in view the convenience of its users Ufone presents Ufone internet packages for a day, week and month as well. Check More: Ufone Sms Packages.

Ufone Internet Packages

Ufone Internet Packages

To fulfill the needs of customers Ufone giving internet bundle offer in reasonable rates. Ufone have lowest rates on Ufone internet packages. This internet bundle offer 2020 categorize into

  • Daily Internet Packages
  • Weekly Internet packages
  • Monthly Internet packages

Ufone Special Daily Package

Internet Mbs50 MB  + 500 MB Social
Charges6 + Tax
Validity1 AM – 9 PM
Subscription Code*3461#

Ufone Daily Light Offer

Internet Mbs40 MB  + 500 MB Social
Charges12 + Tax
Validity01 Day
Subscription Code*2256#

Ufone Mega Internet

Internet Mbs2GB
Charges15 + Tax
Validity1 AM – 8 AM
Subscription Code*550#

Ufone Daily Heavy Internet

Internet Mbs75 MB  + 500 MB Social
Charges18 + Tax
Validity01 Day
Subscription Code*2258#

Ufone 03 Day Bucket

Internet Mbs100 MB  + 500 MB Social
Charges30 + Tax
Validity03 Day
Subscription Code*3350#

Ufone Weekly Super Internet

Internet Mbs1.2GB
Charges130 + Tax
Validity07 Day
Subscription Code*220#

Ufone Weekly Internet Plus

Internet Mbs3GB  + 3GB (1am to 8am)
Charges175 + Tax
Validity07 Day
Subscription Code*260#

Ufone Monthly Super Internet Plus

Internet Mbs8GB  + 5GB What-app
Charges499 + Tax
Validity30 Day
Subscription Code*290#

Ufone Monthly Light

Internet Mbs1 GB  + 2GB Social
Charges390 + Tax
Validity30 Day
Subscription Code*7807#

Ufone Monthly Light

Internet Mbs1 GB  + 2GB Social
Charges390 + Tax
Validity30 Day
Subscription Code*7807#

Ufone Monthly Heavy

Internet Mbs3 GB  + 2GB Social
Charges780 + Tax
Validity30 Day
Subscription Code*803#

Ufone Monthly Max

Internet Mbs10 GB  + 2GB Social
Charges1560 + Tax
Validity30 Day
Subscription Code*5100#

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