4 Ways to Treat a Chigger Bites Using Natural Remedies

Chiggers are very small living organisms in fact larvae of mites which are found everywhere in the world at place like grasses, fields, parks, forests and gardens etc. You also have seen it at the moist places like rivers and lakes. Chiggers are little red bugs that bite and too small that you cannot easily see with the naked eye. To view them clearly you need to take aid of magnifying glass. Whenever we go to places like forests or grass or at moist places like lakes we must get some chigger bites. When chiggers bite at any area of our skin these inject their digestive enzyme into our body which causes problems. Chigger bites are not any severe condition you must know how to treat chigger bites without going to doctor and instead of using chigger medicine.

Chigger Bites

Chiggers on humans leaves symptoms and symptoms of chigger bites are very common. Chigger bites can be indicated by following sign and symptoms

  • Itching and burning sensation
  • Red bumps or blistered on the skin
  • Hives appear on the skin
  • You feel rashes

Best Ways of How to Treat Chigger Bites

Chigger bites is not any severe condition and it can be easily treated at home with the help of simple remedies. These remedies of how to treat chigger bites are following.

  • Using Ice

If you are having chigger bites than you can use ice at that place for avoiding or preventing itching.

  • Use of Hair Dryer

Hair dryer is not only being used to dry hair but it is interesting that it also has use in treating chigger bites. Chigger bites are very itchy and using hair dryer will help you a lot. Take hair dryer and blow dry at the area of chigger bites from some distance. It will relieve itching problem.

  • Use of Baking Soda

Baking soda is very effective method for getting rid of itchiness and redness caused because of chigger bites. First of all take baking soda and mix it with small quantity of water to make the paste and apply that paste to the area affected with chigger or red bug bites. It will provide cooling sensation preventing itching and redness.

  • Use of Tea Bags

Here is another use of tea bags instead of making tea for chiggers bugs bites. People affected with chigger bites can use tea bags to soothe chigger bites and preventing them to become scars because it contains tannic acid in it which has anti-inflammatory properties in it.

These are the ways of how to treat chigger bites. Must try these at home to prevent the condition from getting worse.

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