Toxic People Behavior

A toxic person is abusive, unsupportive, and emotionally disturbed. This person will always bring negativity in your life through his behavior. According to psychological studies, these type of people is psychopaths.
Toxic people have are always attractive. They attract you through their controlling behavior. But at the end, they will leave you mentally or emotionally disturbed.

Why you are attracted to toxic people?

  • Toxic people always need someone’s help. If your hobby is to fix other people’s problems, then you will be attracted to toxic people.
  •  Sometimes you think extra positive. You try to find good in people. But in the end, you will get addicted to their negative behavior.
  •  When you have just faced serious trauma in your life, you can be attracted to toxic people because of your imbalanced mentality.
  •  People who had spent their childhood under abusive parents will be attracted towards toxic people in adult age also.
  •  Tasteless life can also make you feel attracted towards toxic people because can find them excited.

Toxic people Behavior

How to find if someone has toxic behavior?

  •  Toxic people are easily jealous
  •  You always have to defend yourself from him
  •  You never feel comfortable with them
  •  You are always confused by his behavior
  •  He will always try to make you feel guilty
  •  His actions will be different from his words

What makes a person toxic?

  •  Unhealthy emotions
  • A trauma in your life
  • Negative thoughts
  • Unsupportive or abusive behavior
  • Toxic behavior of family
  • Un-parallel path of education

How to secure yourself from toxic people?

  •  Set boundaries
  • Don’t be too nice to everyone
  • Always interact with positive people
  •  Never argue with anyone
  • Always respect yourself
  • Understand your feelings
  • Stick to reality
  • Stay neutral

Sometimes people with a lot of talent and extraordinary qualities end up as toxic people. If you are one of them, you should work hard on yourself to make a positive comeback in your life. The best way is to consult a psychiatrist. But if you want self-treatment, then avoid negative thoughts always be positive, and Gratitude to Allah.

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