Things to Know About Yoga for Beginners

Yoga is an ancient art of living that combines holistically all the elements hidden within the human body with the result that the body the mind and the soul all unite. Yoga is a very vastly growing field of today as it stresses a lot on the inner well-being of mind and soul. The result of consistent yoga practice results in a very happier and calmer life. By doing yoga on regular basis you can also life a healthy life.

Yoga for Beginners

First of all by doing yoga you can also lose weight easily and it does not mean that you will not take proper nutrition. Eating healthy diet is also very important. You will also get relief from different health issues.

Yoga comprises of a group of orderly arranged physical activity or movements primarily arranged to get the mind and body control so that inner peace could be attained. Doing Yoga regularly develops a clear perception of your personality, including strengths, weaknesses, thoughts, beliefs, motivation, and emotions

Yoga primarily works on uniting the body, mind, and spirit although the path in attaining this may be different due to the variety in styles but whatever the path took the basic yoga practice consists of the three basic elements Asanas, Pranayama and Meditation. Asanas are slow stretching motions that are supposed to harmonize the body with the mind and revitalization of important internal organs.

Pranayama works and focuses on breathing techniques. The breathing techniques in yoga boost a huge accumulation of energy at solar plexus which fights diseases. This breathing body relaxation, getting rid of body toxins and revitalization of internal organs. This breathing technique involves breathing both inhaling and exhaling through the nose. 

Meditation is simply concentrating to get the best benefits of the postures attained for healing actions where required. It is the process of visualization

The Beginners Level

There are many styles of yoga and there are also different schools of thought of yoga. At the beginner level, it is advised that try out different styles of yoga to find out which style best suits you. There are differences in the execution of the asana and also their ordering. There are also differences in the severity of performed yoga because some yoga styles are very laborious. In the beginning, it is advised to start with the easy style of yoga.

There is a special check on the beginners to get the best results with the least pain and as early as possible. Yoga schools have teachers who focus on the beginners for proper postures positioning and see if any lacking is present within the beginner for any specific posture. At the start, it is very important to note that over-stretching than recommended by the teacher to have an impact on the others present could have a side effect and it is advised to avoid it in any case. During the entire length of the posture if any pain is felt then the stretch be relaxed immediately till it is gone.

Things to keep in mind before starting yoga

  • Yoga should be practiced with an empty stomach i.e. two to three hours after eating anything.
  • The best yoga practice times therefore are early morning. The other good thing about the early morning is the freshness of mind.
  • Yoga should be practiced one to three days and if not possible twice a week.
  • The cozy and comfortable dress should be worn during yoga practice so that easy movements are possible.
  • Yoga is to be practiced with bare feet to energize the foot nerve endings
  • During yoga exercises, one perspires for sure and this gives the healing and cleansing effect to the body. The more you sweat the better it is while performing yoga.
  • Yogi who is having her periods should rest for two to three days during her most excessive bleeding days.
  • Pregnant yogi should inform the yoga teacher for the postures she should follow most and the ones that should be avoided. Yoga has deep energizing effects on pregnancy. During your pregnancy’s early months yogi should be very careful to avoid any over-stretching strictly to avoid miscarriage.
  • Yoga is a general-purpose body healer. It rejuvenates the mind, body, and soul but it can be used for focused healing of individual body disorders.

Yoga and weight loss

Yoga is extremely helpful in losing weight or to keep the weight from increasing. It has been found that people who have been involved in the weight loss yoga techniques have been losing weight while the non-yoga people have gained five times the weight comparing.

Yoga develops the ability in its practioner to feel in a non-reactive manner what is happening inside his body and this thing is what brings the change in the mind and body relationship. The persons start to feel the need and the food intake of the body. Yoga helps to modify destructive eating habits. Yoga brings the awareness that we should take good care of the body in all respects for meditation.

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