The circle symbol in flowchart is used for

  1. Processing

  2. Condition Checking

  3. Connector

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The circle symbol in a flowchart is used to represent the start or end of a process or a decision point. It typically appears at the beginning of a flowchart and is used to indicate the first step in a process or the point at which a decision needs to be made.


Q1: How is the circle symbol different from other flowchart symbols?

Answer: Unlike other symbols, the circle symbol indicates the beginning or conclusion of a flowchart, marking where a process begins or ends.

Q2: Can the circle symbol be used for decision points in flowcharts?

Answer: No, the circle symbol is primarily reserved for the start and end points of processes; decision points are typically represented using diamond-shaped symbols.

Q3: Why is the circle symbol important in flowcharting?

Answer: The circle symbol provides clarity by showing where a flowchart begins and ends, aiding in understanding and documentation of processes and procedures.

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