Effective Ways to reduce hair loss in women

Dandruff and hair loss are the very common problem which are being faced by both men and women these days. Hair damage and hair fall has become the prominent issues. Mostly it is because of the impure water that we use to wash your hair. Additionally sometimes the conditioner or shampoo that we use to wash our hair doesn’t suit to our hair and our hair gets damaged. Hair treatments like streaking, hair dying and other treatments also damage your hair. These problems can be avoided by knowing the ways of how to stop hair loss.

Stop Hair Loss

How to Stop Hair Loss

Here are some effective ways of hair restoration. Follow these hair fall treatment home remedies.

Four Oil Mixtures

This four oil mixture is very good home remedy among all hair fall treatment home remedies. Take the following oils.

  1. Castor oil                             1 ounce
  2. Grape seed oil                   ½ ounce
  3. Vegetable oil                     ½ ounce
  4. Jojoba oil                             1 ounce

Take a bowl and mix all the mentioned oils in the recommended quantities.

Apply this mixture of oil to the roots of your hair when these are wet.

It produces excellent results if used continuously

It prevents hair fall and also provide nutrition to the hair so they grow properly and stay healthy.

Onion Juice

Use of onion promotes hair growth because onion contain sulfur in it which plays role in hair growth by improving blood circulation and stimulating hair growth follicles. Additionally onion exhibit some antibacterial actions which play role in killing the microbes which damage hair ultimately curing hair fall and allowing hair restoration.

  • Take onion and properly grate it and then pass via strainer to collect the juice
  • Apply this onion juice to the scalp and leave for at least thirty minutes
  • Now shampoo your hair
  • Repeat the procedure twice a week to get immediate results.

Use of Green Tea

Green tea is also being used as women hair restoration method. Apply the green tea for hair treatment in the following way. Take the ingredients

Green Tea Bags     02

Hot water     2/3 cups

  • Dip the tea bags of green tea in hot water and let it cool down
  • After some time remove tea bags from water and take the solution obtained
  • Massage and then wash your hair with this solution

Green tea also stimulates the growth hair follicle and play role in hair growth.

All these methods are homeopathic treatment for hair loss which is best answer to how to stop hair loss. Must try these home remedies to prevent dandruff and hair loss.

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