How to Get Shiny Hair

Many individuals have the issue of dry and damaged hair and the main reason of that is the use of different styling products on them because these are prepared by using chemicals that are harmful for the hair; but people don’t pay attention to that and purchase the products like creams, gels and sprays which make the hair look dead after continuous use but here is the information about how to get shiny hair by which everyone can get the shine of hair back.

Shiny Hair


It seems weird when someone says to use mayonnaise on hair but it is a great product for making the hair look shiny, the individuals who have used this method to make the hair shiny get great results because it works as a conditioner. The method of using it is simple for which one has to take mayonnaise and start rubbing it on hair and after applying it on full area, cover the head and the hair with a plastic bag so that the heat cannot escape. Wash hair after twenty minutes and maybe a person requires washing hair with shampoo several times because it is difficult to get mayonnaise off from hair.

Cold water:

After taking bath, washing the hair with cold water makes them shiny and there is no issue of side effects like the creams or sprays that are used for getting back the shine of hair.

Black tea:

It is an outstanding product for making the hair strong and the method of using it is simple which requires 3 or 4 tea bags which need to be dipped in boiling water for the whole night. Pour the solution on head and left it for thirty to forty minutes then wash it, it not only makes the hair shiny but also solves the issue of hair loss.


It makes the hair soft when combined with olive oil, the only need is to make a paste of avocado and then add a few drops of olive oil in it for applying it on the head. A person can apply the paste on the hair as well as scalp and then he/she should cover the head with a plastic bag or anything else that can cover the whole area of the head with hair. Leave the paste on head for twenty minutes and then wash while massaging the scalp so that it can go inside the pores and give great results, shampoo should be used for washing otherwise the oil will not remove from hair.


It is good for hair like skin, it can be used after mixing with a few drops of olive oil and it not only makes the hair soft but also keeps the scalp clean from the dirt.

If anyone is worried due to the rough hair, then above written tips can help and one can get to know about how to get shiny hair with the above mentioned points.

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