How to Select all in Word?

Select all in word is a new thing that we will learn in this article. As well all know that computer is another name of technology. We do all of our work even if it is personal or professional by using the Microsoft Office. Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word are commonly used in writing a document or preparing s report or sheet.


When we write something we need to save the document or even we also have to make some changes in the whole document. For that, we need to select all in word. We mostly perform everything but there are some of the basic things that we are not aware of.

Method to Select all in Word

Now let’s have a look at how we can select all in the word is mentioned as under.

  • You need to press (Ctrl+A), which means control key and A together. The whole text will be selected.

If you are selecting the whole page, the whole box you can easily put your cursor in the box and press (Ctrl+A), the whole box or text will be automatically selected. This is easily applicable in all the documents of Microsoft Office. Not only this but one thing that is informative and needs to share is that if you are working or searching something on the internet and you want to select something so you can apply this format over the internet as well.

Well, the internet and using Microsoft is another name of the advancement of technology. Today we can use even the latest version of Word or Excel or any other document but the basic things will remain the same. If you will use any search engine or perform any task or do any type of research on the internet the method for selecting all will be the same.

Internet is one of the best things and tries to learn and get information as much as you can and by using the word document you can not only improve your writing skills but it will also improve your sentence structures and grammatical errors. Well, you will also learn other basic things related to word and excel as well as many people are not aware of such basic things.

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