Scope of Computer Science

Since the last century and the world have been driven by Computer Science and Information Technology and become an essential part of human civilization and the modern era’s requirement. Nowadays computer science becomes a strength of knowledge for every individual learner. Every person who has a keen interest and passion for inventing new and useful technologies is well groomed by computer Science Engineering it also explores new vistas for existing technology usage.

Scope of Computer Science

The computer science experts supervised the prospective computer technologists in the research study of computer problems and in solving these complex problems in all walks of human struggles like Business, science, medicine, and education sector.

Computer science as a career

There are plenty of jobs all over the world for fresh CS graduates in the booming sector of IT.  And a lot of attractive and top-ranked jobs all over the world in top IT companies are there for Candidates of CS and Software engineering who get their degrees from valuable institutes and Universities with valuable skills.

IT engineer: Students with B.Tech in computer science & Software engineering or information technology can start their career as IT engineers.

The computer science career is one of the highest paying and full of opportunities fields at that time because Computer Engineers & IT professionals have plenty of options to work in IT companies as Designers, developers, Assemblers, manufacturers and maintenance supervisors, etc.

How to start a bright career?

In Pakistan after the FSC which is the 12th class education most of the students pick engineering as their career goal. Students having 12 years of education in mathematics subject is eligible for admission in engineering. The DAE candidates are also eligible to take admitted to B.Tech in their perspective field after passing the entry test taken by the universities. However, when it comes to computer science, computer engineering & Software engineering the selection procedure becomes very competitive in most of the best computing institutes and universities like COMSATS, NUST, FAST, and the government sector University of Engineering and Technology (UET).

Passionate and brilliant Students who have a keen interest in technology and computing become an engineer by passing the engineering entrance exams taken by private universities itself under the supervision of the Higher education commission (HEC) and the E-CAT (Engineering College Admission Test) for government institutes taken by HEC itself.

Some Jobs Descriptions in IT companies for Cs engineers

A skilled Software engineer and Computer science student can easily get jobs in IT companies as,

  • Software Developers.
  • Hardware Engineers.
  • System Designer.
  • System Analyst.
  • Networking Engineers.
  • DBA, Software Testing.
  • Security analyst and much more.

Top IT Companies all over the world

As we know that in the current era, IT becomes a top trending business all over the world and is now the most revenue earning field in the meantime. Some of the top IT Companies that earn a lot using these computer skills are,

  • Dell Inc.
  • Apple Inc.
  • Acer Inc.
  • Canon Inc.
  • Lenovo Group Limited.
  • Toshiba Corporation
  • International Business Machines Corporation.
  • ASUSTEK Computer Inc. etc.

Computer Engineering requires practical knowledge and goods skill for employment and no shortcuts are there for computer professionals a graduate or master’s degree in that field without skills is useless because skills and proper know-how must be required for it.

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