Role of Parents when the Children Get Fail in Exams

This article is based on discussing the helpful topic role of parents when the children get fail in exams. There in your arms is a tiny baby, your love your life and all the treasures you could have. All you are interested in now is how well you parent him. You are wondering now and then to know the best you can provide within your limits to the new infant. You meet parents and try to be friends with the ones who have been great parents and the results of whom is in the form of very successful offspring living a very happy and content life.

You enjoy the early very fascinating, very captivating, sweet and very soft cozy moments with the baby. Parenting him and taking care of all his needs, sleeping and waking with him in nights and days. All your focus and interest is nothing but to be a good parent. But beyond any body’s imagination, the time flies like a rocket and after it starts the life’s most challenging moments.

The moment when the child has learned to walk and talk, eat and drink, dress and play. Yes, the child’s education days have started and with it your responsibility as a parent.

You have to go walk him through the very tiring and hectic process schooling. A decade ago things were not the way they are today. There were not many goals and targets. Life was much simpler and easier, people were caring about each other and a lot of love and care existed between humanity. Those golden days of love and care are very scarce now.

Those were the days of perfect parents and perfect kids, but things have changed too so much extent now that very seldom there are perfect parents and the same is the case with kids, they are also imperfect. Every individual in this life dreams to be the best in his or her life. In spite of this desire in our hearts, we have to and must bear in our minds that we are not perfect and neither are our young ones.

We are going to make mistakes ourselves and so would our kids in their lives. Failures and upsets are a necessary component of life and they keep appearing and disappearing. Nobody in the world can escape from failures and upsets and one has to come across them, no one has a choice.

In this situation what really and very practically needs to be done in mastering the management of the periods of downfall with the right spirits and directions. But not only parents but teacher also plays a key role in student’s life Critical thinkers have come across a work plan revealing how to deal with the periods of non-achievements or failures.

Be compassionate

Failures are hard for any individual from any age of 5 to 50. It becomes even painful for the ones who take everything very deeply. If our children have failed in any prospect then as a caring parent we should step forward and show grace and compassion to them. Failure does not mean ‘end of the world’, this is the message we should make sure is delivered quite clearly to our coming generation.

Our compassionate attitude provides a healthy and pressure-free atmosphere for the children. Make the children realize that failures are not to be hidden but they are something to be brought into the discussion. This special attitude provides a path for learning. Compassionate parents guide their children about their mistake without any feeling of annoyance.

The whole motive behind talking to the children during their downtime’s is not embarrassing them but to effectively impart them with the necessary knowledge that they are lacking so that the same kind of a situation does not intervene again in their life. Our work plan would be to inquire what the weaknesses that my child has are and what is the best way this lacking could be overcome?

With a very calm and quiet mind and soft heart, we should counsel our children, looking at the problem from all sides. In this respect, care should be taken to ask the child for his own opinion for the solution to the existing problem. Once the talking session has taken place with the child we take the necessary steps to help the child face the difficulty.

Counseling for character strength

When we grownups fail we have to suffer and face aftereffects, the same would be the situation when our young ones fail they would have to suffer also and go through the same pain. This is the lesson our children need to understand right from the beginning of their lives. The most needed confidence and courage that is a responsibility of the parents is to cultivate in the minds of the children that ‘failures are not the end of the world and one should get up after falling’.

We should educate our children with the fact that setbacks and failures are a normal phenomenon. They are just like the steps of a stair that are there to make him rise and prosper.

Practically successful and high achieving parents would never serve as a cover for their children from setbacks; rather they would use failures as a tool that grooms their children with maturity. The failures are developing in them the emotional and psychological changes needed for their successful future.

With the consequence of every failure, their character is built. This character buildup is the key to the power of transformation of the kid into a very competent, daring, energetic and confident adult of tomorrow. This character build-up will ensure that he stands firm and confident in facing challenges in his future endeavors.

Forget what is behind and reach forward to what is ahead.

After a failure or set back or even a deliberate mistake the role of parents is to handle the situation with compassion and work towards to bring a positive change in the character and handling of such a situation by the child. Once all this has taken place now it’s time to move forward and forget the past. Lurking around our past failures is not only self-destructive but also counterproductive to our development.

We as parents can be a great support for the well being of our children in all spheres of life. We should always be positive about our children, tapping on their shoulders for their strengths and counseling them compassionately over their weaknesses. After every time he makes a mistake make sure he has gained something from the negative experience.

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