Responsibilities of Good Citizen

A Citizen is an individual who has the legal right to belong to a country. He/she may have this right by birth or through neutralization. In this case he or she settles in a country after fulfilling the legal requirements. Every citizen enjoys some rights in his/her country and is expected to accept some responsibilities with discipline.

Good citizens are those who fulfill their responsibilities. They are loyal and patriotic to their country. They do their duties honestly and selflessly. They do not keep talking about their rights instead they are busy doing their duties. Good citizens are role model of discipline. They show discipline in everything. It may be talking, walking, eating, sitting, and standing anything. We cannot become great citizen without discipline in life, we can change our fate and our country’s fate too with discipline.

Civilized and educated nations have discipline in life. They know the importance of discipline. They are called good citizens because of discipline. Every citizen has the right to be told why he/she is being arrested and has the right to be defended by a lawyer of his/her choice.

Protection of human dignity, which means that no one can be tortured, kept as a slave or be forced to work. Force labor is prohibited all citizens have the right to freedom of trade, business or profession.

Responsibilities of Good Citizens

The following are responsibilities of a citizen as stated by law.

  • All citizens have the right to acquire property.
  • All citizens are equal, and no discrimination will be permitted on the basis of gender.
  • All citizens have the right to freedom of movement, freedom of peaceful assembly and freedom to form associations and unions.
  • All citizens have the right to preservation of language, script
  • A citizen must be loyal to Pakistan.
  • A citizen must pay all utility bills and due Taxes.
  • A Citizen should respect the rights of others. A Citizen should respect in developing the community and using their knowledge and skill for the benefits of the country.
  • Good citizen keeps his surrounding neat and clean and don’t throw rubbish on the roads and public areas.

Our five-time prayers a day also teach us discipline. We can be good citizen because of maintaining discipline in our life. If we become law abiding and disciplined.

If we understand the importance of discipline. We can be good citizens and do incredible things for our country. If we love our beloved homeland, we will do work hard and become good citizens and good nation.

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