Recipe of Cake in Pressure Cooker

Cake is the most used baking item. Cake cutting ceremony has become custom now. On all the events people usually cut cakes and ceremony or event is considered incomplete without cutting cake. Also cake is favorite bakery item of people of all ages like children love the cake most. It is favorite of youngster and adults too. Elderly also love eating cake. Cake can be baked at home. Oven of pressure cooker is used. Mostly people do not have oven. Here is the recipe of cake in pressure cooker. When the cake is baked in oven, temperature and time is adjusted. When you use recipe of cake in pressure cooker than, you have to adjust the same parameters like flame of stove and time and do not apply pressure. IF you don’t know how to cook cake in pressure cooker than follow this recipe of cake in pressure cooker.

Recipe of Cake in Pressure Cooker


Following ingredients are needed for recipe of cake in pressure cooker.

Flour 1 Cup
Butter ¼ Cup
Water ¼ Cup
Baking Powder 1¼  Cup
Cocoa Powder ¼ Cup
Caster Sugar ¾ Cup
Eggs 2
Vanilla Essence ½ tsp

Recipe of Cake in Pressure Cooker

Recipe of cake in pressure cooker is very easy and is mentioned below.

  • First of all take mixing bowl and add flour in it. Also add baking powder and cocoa powder in it and mix them properly.
  • Now add sugar, butter, salt, vanilla and water in this mixture in step wise manner and with constant mixing of all the ingredients to get a homogenous mixture.
  • After adding all these ingredients beat mixture properly with the help of whisk.
  • Now add egg in the mixture and beat it with whisk to get smooth and homogenous mixture.
  • After mixing all the ingredients, transfer this cake mixture into baking pot or tin.
  • Take pressure cooker and heat it for 3-4 mints by covering it with lid but do not apply pressure.
  • Now place the baking tin into the pressure cooker and close it with the help of lid and let it cook for at least 30 minutes.
  • Keep the flame low and do not apply pressure.

Try this recipe of cake in pressure cooker at home and enjoy the yummy cake. Don’t forget to share your experience after baking cake.

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