Amazing Health Benefits of Drinking Pomegranate Juice

Pomegranate also known as “Seeded apple” because of the presence of beautifully arranged red jewel like seeds in it which are called arils. Eating pomegranate or drinking pomegranate juice has number of health benefits. It is almost favorite fruit of everyone. Girls specially like it because it has number of skin benefits and results in glowing and fair skin and has anti-aging properties as well. Pomegranate peel has number of anti-oxidants in it which are transferred to the juice when it is squeezed to obtain juice. Arils or pomegranate juice has the following ingredients in it which are responsible for health benefits of pomegranate juice.

Pomegranate Juice

  • Vitamin C
  • Potassium
  • Vitamin K
  • Protein
  • Fiber
  • Folate

Along with these ingredients pomegranate juice also has sugar in it and many bio-active compounds which are responsible for health benefits. Therefore, from the past thousands years pomegranate is considered best for the treatment of many chronic & other diseases. Pomegranate has religious importance as well in many countries because of special arrangement of seeds in it. Basically it is native fruit of Iran. Pomegranate has cultural importance and considered as symbol of success, prosperity and fertility as well in many cultures.

Health Benefits of Pomegranate Juice

Amazing health benefits of pomegranate juice are mentioned below

Maintains Blood Pressure

Hypertension patients must consider intake of pomegranate juice in order to lower high blood pressure as pomegranate contains Phytochemical in it responsible for blood pressure reduction. Pomegranate is thought of as natural ‘Aspirin’ because it prevents blood coagulation and ultimately blood clots are not formed. Blood remains thinner with the help of this juice and it can flow easily without any restriction. Pomegranate juice is also good for heat patients because it reduces inflammation and lesion in the blood vessels.

Prevent Cancer Growth

Pomegranate juice exhibits anti-cancer properties by eliminating agents responsible for cancer like free radical. It also initiate anti-angiogenic activity in our body thus prevents tumor cells from getting blood supply. Cancer patients should intake pomegranate juice daily to slow down cancerous cell growth. Pomegranate juice is rich in anti-oxidants which helps in neutralizing the toxic agents in the body and strengthens the immune system ultimately.  Another major benefit of pomegranate juice is inhibition of breast cancer development as this juice inhibits enzyme ‘Aromatase’ which causes androgen conversion to estrogen and estrogen than play progressive role in breast cancer development. Drinking pomegranate juice will block Aromatase and breast cancer will be prevented as well.

Strengthens Immune System

Health benefits of pomegranate juice contain anti-microbial properties like anti-bacterial and antiviral resulting in strengthening of immune system. Pomegranate juice also protects us from acquiring infection like staph infection and kills the micro-organisms found in our mouth and other cavities. One of the major roles of pomegranate juice is the inhibition of HIV transmission.

Aid in Digestion

Health benefits of pomegranate juice also include digestion aid as well. Pomegranate juice is rich in fiber which has greater role in improving digesting and bowel movement. Obese people can get great benefits from the pomegranate juice because it does not have cholesterol or saturated fats in it so drinking pomegranate juice daily leads to weigh reduction in obese people. Pomegranate juice comes among the favorite drink of people during summer season.

Best Anti-Aging Agent

To stay young and beautiful include pomegranate juice in your diet because drinking Pomegranate juice daily slow down the aging process and also help in reduction of fine lines on our skin & wrinkles as well which are caused because of sun exposure. Along with this process it also maintains skin cells regeneration process. Pomegranate prevents melanin pigmentation and ultimately inhibits darkening of skin and prevents dark spot formation.

Anti-inflammatory Action

Inflammation is the major symptom of many diseases like Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, cancer and heart problems too. Sometimes obese people also suffer from inflammatory conditions. Inflammation can be acute or chronic. Pomegranate juice helps in both type of inflammation due to its anti-oxidant action. If you are having any inflammatory condition then intake of pomegranate juice can help you treat it.

Enhance Memory

Improvement of memory is another worthy addition in the health benefits of pomegranate. Especially in postoperative people, pomegranate is of great benefit to improve memory. People who drink pomegranate juice can perform their work very well.

Helps Arthritis patients

Pomegranate juice is considered very well for arthritis because of its anti inflammatory properties. Recently it is found out that pomegranate juice blocks the enzyme which is responsible for joint damage & osteoarthritis.

Hence pomegranate juice has great health benefits. We should make it part of our regular diet to obtain benefit of all health benefits of pomegranate juice to stay safe from diseases and to be healthy.

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