How to Calculate Pass and Fail in Microsoft Excel

Welcome to the Microsoft Excel training class 21. Many people are not aware of How to use Microsoft Excel but we are here to guide you. In this class 21 of Microsoft Excel online you will learn about “how to calculate pass and fail in by using Microsoft Excel. If you are making a result of some students and you want to figure out which student is pass and which student got fail. You can easily calculate it in MS Excel. You firstly need to open the spreadsheet with Microsoft Excel on your computer.

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You will make a table in which you will add different columns and give heading to all the columns like S.No of students, name of students, name of subjects, total marks, obtained marks, percentage, pass/fail. These headings will be included in the table of the result. You will add the serial number, student name and add the numbers which they have taken in each In the column of total marks, you apply the formula of addition that is (=sum and select the numbers you wanted to add and press enter). You will see the total number of each student in the column obtained number. Then come to the column of percentage. You will write = in the box of percentage then you will click on obtained marks and total marks then you can see the percentage of a student on the column. To find if the find out if the student is pass or fail you have to enter the formula……. in the column of pass/fail and get the answer.

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