Natural Remedies for Hemorrhoids

Natural remedies for hemorrhoids : Hemorrhoid is a State in which the veins in anus and rectum become swollen & distended. It can be internal or external. Hemorrhoid is seen in people suffering from constipation, unusual bowel moment, and elderly people & mostly in pregnant ladies. Hemorrhoid is not serious condition it can be treated with natural remedies for hemorrhoids. Usually it is observed in both men and women of age of 50. If it is not treated or it is ignored than it can lead to bleeding and immediate medical care is required. Hemorrhoids commonly are also known as “Piles”.

Natural Remedies for Hemorrhoids

Symptoms Of Hemorrhoids

The very initial symptom of hemorrhoid is blood. If person is suffering from internal hemorrhoid blood, you will see bright red color blood and in case of external hemorrhoid anus will be swelled from outside and blood clot will be on external side. Most common symptoms which indicate piles are following

  • Itching at anal region
  • Swelling of anus
  • Blood clots will form around anus in case of external hemorrhoid.
  • Bleeding may occur in case of internal hemorrhoid
  • Irritation & pain around anus

All these are the common symptoms of hemorrhoid which can be cured by following natural remedies for Hemorrhoids.

Causes of Hemorrhoids

Common causes of hemorrhoids are mentioned below

  • Sitting for hours
  • Chronic Constipation
  • Straining in bowel moments
  • Stress conditions

Sometimes food contains such items that can lead to problems like increased red pepper in food, mustard can be problematic. Drinking coffee or alcohol can disturb body’s metabolism and can cause hemorrhoids.

Easy Natural Remedies for Hemorrhoids 

  • Coconut oil

Coconut oil can be effective in treating hemorrhoids. Person having this problem should apply coconut oil at hemorrhoid. After sometime rinse it with water. Repeat this method daily. Hemorrhoid will disappear within few days.

  • Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is also being used to treat hemorrhoid at home. It is one of effective natural remedies for hemorrhoid. Person having hemorrhoid should just apply aloe Vera locally at hemorrhoid area. Repeat it for few days. Piles symptoms will start to disappear within some days.

  • Fiber Intake

Fibers are also good for hemorrhoid because it helps in softening stool and avoid constipation. Additionally it aids in decreasing straining in bowel moments ultimately preventing piles. You can increase fiber intake by eating food rich in fiber like fruits, whole grains, beans etc. Fiber supplements can also help which include psyllium, acacia fiber, carob etc

  • Witch Hazel

It is considered very old method of treating hemorrhoids. Witch Hazel acts as astringent which reduces bleeding and applied locally on rectal region as an ointment. It is helpful in relieving pain and swelling as well.

Try these natural remedies for hemorrhoid if you cannot treat it at home and pain is excruciating than consult doctor.

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