Learn Microsoft Excel in Urdu by Sir Arsalan

Today in this fast-changing world things have become advanced and come up with the latest technology and equipment. We need to fulfill our everyday goals and targets even if it is professional or personal by using such advanced technology. Or we can say we can bound to use the technology to perform our everyday work. Even if it is professional or doing some studies.

Microsoft Excel

Today we need computers and internet to make charts, graphs, tables, lists, diagrams, slides and even writing a document, etc. now this is kind of necessary for us and for that we Microsoft Office. Microsoft Office is a platform through which we can easily perform any of the tasks by selecting any of the desired section like Microsoft Word, this is for writing a document, Microsoft Excel is to make monthly schedules, reports, charts, calculating work, lists, etc., Microsoft PowerPoint is used for making a presentation which we will present to any of the targeted people. These slides are used for making lectures and for promoting the products or services we are selling to people. Lets firstly come to use Microsoft ExcelMicrosoft Excel uses is not a difficult task. Microsoft Excel is used for preparing tables, charts, forms, lists, fact sheets, reports, etc. but many people are mainly not aware of Microsoft Excel and they do not know how they can utilize it. 

There are different Microsoft excel online courses are available for people. But the main thing is that the courses they need must give them proper learning that should be Microsoft excel uses the course. By doing these Microsoft Excel training courses they will be perfect in performing any of the tasks as well as it will also be really helpful for them in their professional field. Making spreadsheets with Microsoft excel will be on your fingertips.  If you are worried about the platform form where you can learn the best Microsoft Excel in the Urdu course so you are in the right place. You will learn each and everything related to Microsoft Excel by getting proper training classes online.

About the Excel Course

Advanced Excel course by Sir Arsalan. He is providing the best Advanced Microsoft Excel courses in Urdu Online for those who are not able to take classes in English. This is simply a great benefit for all people out there want to learn the Microsoft Excel course in Urdu. He provides 50 lectures online in Microsoft Excel in Urdu and you can join the online training course of Microsoft Excel in Urdu and be a part of Microsoft Excel Learning. After each course, a project will be given and you have to pass that project. Proper certification will be given after completing the 50 lectures. By doing this training course how Microsoft excel works will not be a question for you anymore. You can join the Advanced Microsoft Excel Course in Urdu by Sir Arsalan.

Course Benefits

  • Classes are provided in Urdu
  • Online training classes contain 50 + lectures
  • No Registration fees
  • Must complete 1 project after each class
  • The certificate will be provided after completion of 50 lectures

  1. How to use Microsoft Excel
  2. How to use Sum formula in Excel
  3. How to use Subtraction Formula in Excel
  4. How to use Division Formula in Excel
  5. How to use Multiple Formula in Excel
  6. How to create Salary Sheet in Excel
  7. How to Create Age Calculator in Excel
  8. How to Create Data Entry Form in Excel
  9. How to use Average Formula in Excel
  10. Insert, Delete, Hide, Un-hide Row & Column
  12. Range Functions – Min and Max Function
  13. Large and Small Functions in Excel
  14. How to check Spelling in Excel
  15. How to use Data Validation in Excel
  16. Cut, Copy And Paste Options in Excel
  17. How to Calculate Percentage(%) in Excel
  18. Daily Class wise student Attendance Sheet
  19. Create Proper Attendance Sheet in Excel
  20. Insert, Delete, Copy, Rename Worksheet
  21. Calculate Pass and Fail in Microsoft Excel
  22. How to Use Grade Formula in Excel