How to Change Mouse Pointer Speed in Windows 10?

The Mouse is one of the key parts of your PC to handle all windows functions, but for doing the fastest and accurate work mouse speed matters a lot. Before starting your work first, you should know about how to change the slow/fast speed of your mouse. Some peoples do not know how to change setting they leave their mouse settings on default PC settings. But to get better a workflow everyone should know about your computer setting. Here I am going to show you each step of your mouse speed changing settings in a very easiest way in windows 10.

Mouse Pointer Speed

Steps Of Changing Mouse Speed:

  • Click the “Control panel “on the Search bar.
  • When the Control panel bar opens.
  • GO To “Mouse” setting option and wait to open it.
  • Once the Mouse properties window will appear on your screen.
  • Show many options you will have to go the “Pointer Setting” option, open it
  • To get your chosen speed Under the “Motion Section” Slider will show on your screen.
  • Slider help to move right or left for getting a slow or fast speed of your mouse.
  • After adjusting the setting that you want either fast or slow.
  • Click OK and then click on Apply option to keep the changes save.
  • For making the pointer work more precisely so select the option “Enhance pointer precision “checkbox under the Motion section.

The mouse is an input device of the computer is also called a pointing device, which is used to select the text, folders, icons, etc. having two button right and left buttons. we are appearing the list of some uses of a mouse below,

  1. The main function of a mouse is to help in the movement of a mouse pointer on the screen.
  2. It also permits to select the text, move the text, illuminate the text by the help or drop and drag method.

How to use change the mouse speed? For further details, you can watch the video.

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